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sep holds meeting to promote point-to-area, whole staff development

on the afternoon of december 9, 2020, sep held a meeting to promote "point-to-area and whole staff development". the company's president and deputy party secretary wei juliang presided over the meeting and gave a speech, and deputy president xia meixing attended the meeting.

wei juliang affirmed the relevant work carried out by various affiliated companies after the initiating meeting on "point-to-area and whole staff development". he said that it was a major initiative of the company to vigorously promote the work of "point-to-area and whole staff development" based on the external situation confronted by the power generation enterprise and its own reality. in order to fight for the 14th five-year plan and achieve high-quality development, he emphasized the need to seize the opportunity to acquire renewable energy projects with high tariffs in the work of "point-to-area and whole staff development". at the same time, the company should act quickly according to local conditions, step up seeking projects, and "accumulate sand to form a pagoda".

regarding the next step, wei juliang put forward a few specific requirements as follows: first, all the departments and affiliated companies should carefully sort out various types of resources and information, keep an eye on them, and further clarify the development goals for 2021; second, coordinate the relationship between the main business and development well, so as to neglect neither; third, the company headquarters should improve its service, and provide strong support for the development work of various affiliated companies; fourth, encourage various development entities to actively participate in the project development according to the principle of "those who develop will invest and operate"; fifth, establish and improve the system and mechanism for the development of the whole staff, and pay close attention to the "last mile" for implementation.

at the meeting, various affiliated companies reported the progress of their recent work and the development goals for 2021. international business department, capital markets and investor relations department and planning and development department of the company reported the progress of relevant cooperation projects. planning and development department conveyed the spirit of the "implementation plan for guarantee of renewable energy power consumption in shanghai".

the major leaders of sep planning and development department, capital markets and investor relations department, international business department and related affiliated companies participated in the meeting.

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