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industry chain development

shanghai electric power insists on launching coordinated industrial development; actively and stably expands to upstream and downstream industries on the basis of making it stronger and better; makes great efforts to develop the coal industry; stably develops the industries of coal storage and distribution and shipping; actively develops the energy service and new energy industries.

 1. strive to develop coal industry

shanghai electric power will strengthen the security of the supply channel of coal resources; get access to the industry of coal production and operation actively; and raise the amount of coal resources it holds; get stable and reliable coal resources by concluding medium and long term coal supply agreements with coal enterprises; strengthen the overseas coal trade and the development and investment of coal resources; realize the direct coal supply and reduce intermediate link to stabilize the coal supply channel and price, reduce fuel cost and transaction cost to guarantee its main business of power generation; boost the development and application of lignite upgrading and molding technology sequentially; comprehensively master the layout of lignite resource in inner mongolia; by means of holding shares and purchasing coal or coal-related enterprises, conduct joint cooperation with those enterprises to get new lignite resources, construct bases of lignite coal upgrading and molding, accelerate the development and application of lignite upgrading and molding technology and expand the application scope of lignite; link up the production and transportation of upgraded coal by depending on the jinchi railway and the coal terminal of jinzhou port owned by cpi group; construct overseas bases of lignite upgrading and molding, and provide domestically coastal large-scale power plants with imported coal directly.

2. develop modern service industry stably

shanghai electric power will strive to upgrade its capacity of shipping service; rely on the geographic advantage of shanghai as a shipping center, focus on coal distribution, depend on the internal and external conditions to expand its shipping business, upgrade its transportation ability, boost the development of shipping logistics stably, aiming at making shipping business become the important component of its industrial chain; actively develop coal storage, distribution and logistics; take advantage of the development opportunity of port of binhai and the comprehensively industrial advantage of cpi group, use the coal storage and distribution center of port of binhai with an annual throughput of 50 million ton as the transfer platform to enhance its ability of resources supply and further guarantee the regional supply and security of electrical coal; expand the resources transportation, storage and distribution services of the east china market, by integrating its shipping business and relying on the waterway transportation channel between northern chinese ports and the port of binhai; strengthen the storage ability of existing power plants, such as caojing power plant and waigaoqiao power plant; strive to boost the construction of shanghai caojing base of coal storage and distribution, guarantee coal security and control the fuel cost.

shanghai electric power will accelerate the development of technology service industry; form a platform of scientific service industry by purchasing and integrating its internal technology resources; focus on the supporting technologies featured applicability, systematicness and integration, strengthen the construction of technology supporting system, standard specification system and scientific innovation system; give play to the advantage of science-industry combination and the function of technology in modern service industry to realize the innovative development of scientific service industries.

3. develop energy service industry actively

shanghai electric power will cooperate with the personnel structure optimization and placement and reposition of redundant personnel, strive to develop engineering services by focusing on operation, maintenance and recondition; actively develop the regional energy service by focusing on heat and power cogeneration and distributed power supply as well as the energy-saving reconstruction service by focusing on contracted energy management; strengthen its service ability and brand construction; expand the business scope of energy service; and further expand the east china market and overseas market on the basis of standing firm in the energy service market of shanghai. 

4. develop new energy industry timely

shanghai electric power will follow the development trend of new energy technologies and industries closely in the fields of wind energy, biomass energy, solar energy, clean coal, ccs and energy storage; get access to the industrial links of the new energy industry in terms of project construction, technology r&d, manufacturing and related services when appropriately in the forms of investment and holding shares, sharing intelligent property, etc, on the basis of effective control of investment risk; share the results of rapid industrial development; and cultivate the new energy business into its new growth point of profit gradually.