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energy saving and environmental protection

shanghai electric power has conscientiously undertaken its social responsibility, enhanced environmental protection management, maintained various environmental index stable, and been awarded the “2012 green and environmental unit of china’s economy”; launched pm2.5 particulate matter treatment, wet dust removal and bag-style dust removal ahead of national coal-fired power plants; its experience and achievements have been broadcasted on cctv-1 and cctv-2 repeatedly. its annual smoke emission has been reduced by 725 tons, decreased by 17.2% on a year-on-year basis; its annual sulfur dioxide emission has been reduced by 9,305 tons, decreased by 17.2% on a year-on-year basis; its annual nitric oxide emission has been reduced by 13,390 tons, decreased by 29.9% on a year-on-year basis

in 2012, shanghai electric power will continue to make great efforts to boost scientific innovation and energy saving and environmental protection; realized the technology research target: the reheat steam temperature of 620 degree and the net coal consumption rate of 280g/kilowatt hour; explored the technology roadmap of coal-fired power units in mega cities; deepened various specialized researches on the double reheat of million-class units of caojing power plant phase ii and flue gas cleaning; strived to make its emission level reach the emission standard of gas power generation; deepened a series of technology innovations, including the experiment of devices to reduce pm2.5 microparticle aggregation by wujing thermal power plant and the bag-type dust removal of waigaoqiao power plant, to further enhance the level of energy saving and environmental protection.