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cutting-edge technology

shanghai electric power will implement the scientific outlook on development; put sustainable development as priority; insist on the strategic basic point of sustainable development, “vitalizing the enterprise through science and technology”; insist on institutional innovation and technology innovation; give full play to the supporting and security function acted by scientific innovation in the enterprise development.

it will further strengthen the science and technology research; enhance the technology innovation and integration application; stand firm to guarantee production supply and energy saving and emission reduction; raise the capital input of science and technology research; strengthen the construction of technology management; deepen the application of advanced production technology and equipment reconstruction; focus on the three technology fields: efficient and clean energy power, energy saving and environmental protection as well as new energy, to launch enterprise-oriented industry-university-research technology cooperation.

it will set the cutting-edge research on the fields of core industry and energy as its starting point to occupy the commanding heights of technology; focus on its development strategy, strengthen the integration application and promotion of advanced production technologies of power technology featuring large capacity, cleanness and high efficiency; integrate the development of new energy projects, such as wind power and solar power to accumulate related technologies; track the application technology of biomass energy and energy storage closely, accomplish technical reserve; focus on energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection, explore the application technology of advanced desulfuration, denitration, dust removal and carbon emission reduction; actively applied newly advanced, mature and practical technologies, equipments and methods based on corporate strategy.

    shanghai electric power will launch industry-university-research technology cooperation and breakthrough actively; effectively utilize domestic technical force from the aspects of industry, university and college as well as research institution; organize the technology cooperation and joint research of related projects by focusing on the three technology fields it develops in terms of clean and efficient power generation, new energy and low carbon and environmental protection; try its best to upgrade the technological content and technical level of major projects and strive to participate in the major projects related to shanghai municipal government and the group company.