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hu jiandong, wei juliang visit state grid east china branch head li guisheng

on january 12, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong and president and deputy party secretary wei juliang went to state grid corporation of china (state grid) east china branch to pay a visit to li guisheng, state grid deputy chief engineer and director and party secretary of east china branch, zhang huaiyu, deputy director of east china branch (bureau level), and huang xiaoxi, deputy director of east china branch. sep chief financial officer chen wenhao was also present.

li guisheng welcomed the visit of hu jiandong, wei juliang and their delegation, and introduced the development and specific businesses of state grid east china branch. he said that east china branch always follows the strategic guidance of "building a world-leading energy internet enterprise with chinese characteristics", actively practices the important concept of "people's city is built by the people and for the sake of the people", vigorously safeguards power supply during the winter peak period, guarantees adequate power supply to the cities in east china and ensures safe and stable operation of the power grid in east china. he hoped that both sides will continue to strengthen communication and collaboration, jointly assist in the clean transformation of energy supply and the construction of modern city energy system in east china, and fully serve the construction of people's city in the new era with high-quality energy supply.

hu jiandong expressed thanks to state grid east china branch for its long-term support and introduced sep's business in shanghai, anhui province, jiangsu province and zhejiang province. he said that sep will closely focus on the business strategy and capital operation strategy of state grid with the goal of achieving peak carbon emissions by 2023, aim at building a world-class clean energy enterprise, insist on the regional development strategy of "based in the yangtze river delta region and east china, facing the yangtze river economic belt, radiating the whole country and looking around the world", vigorously promote clean transformation and development on the supply side and clean energy replacement on the demand side, solidly boost corporate reform and management improvement, spare no efforts to become a popular value "creator" for investors and a "pacesetter" for the ecology and energy development in the yangtze river economic belt, and make due contribution to achieving peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality in the yangtze river delta region first with high quality.

the related leaders of relevant sep departments and state grid east china branch participated in the meeting.

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