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sep holds 2021 annual work meeting, 5th session of 3rd workers' congress

on february 3, sep held the annual work meeting of 2021 and the fifth session of the third workers' congress.

spic full-time directors and supervisors li tiezheng, nie yitao and li shengbo attended the meeting via video link. sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong delivered a speech, and deputy party secretary and president wei juliang made a work report entitled "adhering to reform and innovation, strengthening management improvement and accelerating construction of world-class clean energy enterprise". the company leaders guo baohong, huang chen, xia meixing, zhai deshuang, chen wenhao and li feng were also present at the meeting, which was presided over by li e, party committee member and discipline inspection committee secretary of the company.

in his speech, hu jiandong said that in the face of the unexpected major test of the covid-19 epidemic, sep party committee united vast numbers of cadres and workers and led them to follow the strong leadership of the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at the core and spic party leadership group, obey the party's command, act on the party's orders, pool extraordinary strength to overcome difficulties, and race against time, vividly demonstrating the profound meaning that everyone is amazing, achieving remarkable results in both the epidemic prevention and business development, with satisfactory performance in various aspects of work.

hu jiandong pointed out that the company should depend on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and demonstrate new working style in the 14th five-year plan period (2021-2025). the company should adhere to xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era as a guidance, fully implement the spirit of the 19th cpc national congress, the second, third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 19th cpc central committee as well as the national policy deployment on "peak carbon emissions" and "carbon neutrality", and go all out to carry out spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" and the goal of achieving peak carbon emissions. putting the interests of shareholders at the center, taking the market demand as the guidance and serving the society as its responsibility, sep will persist in ecological priority and green development, based in the yangtze river delta region and east china, facing the yangtze river economic belt, radiating the whole country, looking around the world. the company will make every effort to promote "new industries, new business forms and new models", boost high-quality and sustainable development and build a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness. in this process, the company should comprehensively implement the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" put forward by the central government, base itself on spic's strategic positioning of "an advanced energy technology developer, clean and low-carbon energy provider and energy ecosystem integrator", and strive to become an ecological energy contributor with social recognition, a popular value creator for investors, a pacesetter for the green energy development in the yangtze river economic belt and a leader in the international development of spic.

hu stressed that 2021 is the opening year of the 14th five-year plan period, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the cpc, and also an extremely important year for the transformation and development of sep. in order to achieve the new strategic goals and the annual objectives of this year, we must focus on seven aspects of work, including enhancing party building, increasing innovation, optimizing the organization, strengthening team construction, transforming the working style, improving the mechanism, and strictly controlling risks, at present and for a considerable period of time.

first, enhance party construction to lead the development.

second, boost innovation to empower development, fully understand that innovation is everywhere, and where there is a problem, there is a need for innovation. actively advocate that innovation needs zero-in thinking, and needs to exclude the influence of customary practices, recognize the problem and think about it from the source, dare to question and be careful to seek evidence. further clarify that innovation requires seeking truth from facts, starting from the reality, pursuing the essence of the problem, and effectively solving the problem in actual work.

third, optimize the organization to adapt to development, start from focusing on the development strategy, clarifying the problem orientation and optimizing the functions of headquarters, and carry out optimization and adjustment of headquarters and subordinate organizations based on comprehensively sorting the responsibilities and matters of the company. subsequently, the company will adjust the production relations which are not compatible with the development of productive forces according to its development needs, and continue to implement the dynamic optimization and adjustment of the organization.

fourth, build a good team to support development, adhere to the principle of combining ability with political integrity, highlight the performance-oriented approach, insist on "five lakes and four seas", put strivers and value contributors first, attach importance to practical work and actual performance, achieve fairness and justice, oppose cliques and cronyism, and form a healthy atmosphere in the company through righteous selection and employment. further strengthen the construction of the cadre team, professional and technical teams, and skilled talent team.

fifth, transform the working style to promote development.

sixth, improve the mechanism to facilitate development. establish the orientation of putting strivers and value contributors first, further improve the selection and employment mechanism, income distribution mechanism, and honor and care mechanism, and build a righteous and beneficial path for the majority of employees to achieve corporate goals and personal values through their struggle. in the process of establishing the correct orientation, we should lay equal stress on interests and principles, and oppose disregarding moral principles in pursuit of profit.

seventh, keep strict control of risks to safeguard development. strengthen the prevention of various types of risks, especially attach great importance to preventing and resolving risks related to safety and environmental protection, business development, integrity, etc., implement the main responsibility properly, and enhance the supervisory responsibility. seize the main responsibility as the core, enhance the awareness of the main body, establish effective control mechanism, solidly improve its own risk prevention and control capabilities and intrinsic safety level, take the initiative to accept and support supervision, and develop the habit of working under supervision.

at the meeting, wei juliang made a work report, which reviewed and summarized the company's completion of the main tasks in 2020 and during the 13th five-year plan period (2015-2020), analyzed the existing situation and challenges, proposed the overall working ideas and main objectives for 2021, and deployed the key work in nine aspects as follows:

first, promote the implementation of spic's key tasks vigorously. focus on the annual key tasks such as the proportion of clean energy, asset-liability ratio, typical indicator system construction of integrated smart energy and three-year action of soe reform, overcome difficulties and make every effort to ensure high-quality completion.

second, take safety as the basis, highlight the construction of intrinsic safety, solidly promote the special rectification and improvement of work safety, and concentrate efforts on ecological and environmental protection.

third, center on benefits, make every effort to increase supply and revenue, advance the transformation of fuel work from "supply and price control" to "profit generation from operation", establish a sense of "living a thrifty life", reduce all costs and expenses, and attempt to prevent and resolve major operating risks.

fourth, take precise treatment of losses as a breakthrough, solidly carry out the "double reduction" of scale of losses and amount of losses, strive to realize "zero loss", and provide a strong support to enhance the listed company's performance.

fifth, vigorously explore the projects with benefits, accelerate clean and low-carbon development, boost regional synergistic development, and insist on point-to-area and whole staff development.

sixth, deepen reform and management improvement, earnestly promote the three-year reform action, management improvement on benchmarking with the world-class enterprises, two-hundred action, etc. to fully release the vitality of the system and mechanism.

seventh, pursue innovation-driven development, power the transformation and upgrading of traditional energy, strengthen technological innovation of renewable energy, promote the "three new" industry innovation, and strive to create an atmosphere of innovation and creativity.

eighth, comprehensively reinforce the talent team construction, build "three teams", enhance "three capabilities" and push forward "three projects" to provide strong talent support for building a world-class clean energy enterprise.

ninth, improve the quality of party building work, and strengthen the caring for employees.

wei juliang pointed out that the company should continue to focus on the epidemic prevention and control in a strict, practical and detailed manner to ensure that no large-scale resurgence of infections or large number of imported cases will occur and that no cluster infections will occur, and to safeguard the lives and health of all employees and the safety and stability of production and construction projects.

at the meeting, wei juliang read out the list of various advanced collectives and advanced individuals of the company in 2020, guo baohong conveyed the spirit of spic's annual work meeting of 2021 and the third session of first workers' congress, and chen wenhao made a report on the usage of welfare expenses and business entertainment expenses of the company in 2020. the meeting participants also deliberated and passed the resolutions of the fifth session of third workers' congress.

the meeting was held via video link, and the company's deputy chief engineer, deputy chief economists, and heads of various departments participated in the meeting at the main venue. the deputy directors of various departments, members of leadership of various subsidiaries, expatriate cadres, worker representatives, and all the staff from party-masses department and discipline inspection department participated in the meeting at the branch venues.

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