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sep exerts all efforts to improve quality, efficiency

the whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. on the first working day of the chinese new year of the ox, a battle for improving quality and efficiency of renewable energy power plants was quietly launched at the newly established renewable energy management center.

on the morning of february 20, 2021, sep president wei juliang and company leader zhai deshuang led the relevant functional departments of the company headquarters to renewable energy management center, and held a seminar on quality and efficiency improvement, where the meeting participants actively provided advice and suggestions, expressing the ideas, clarifying the directions, seeking the initiatives, mustering up the "strength of the ox", in order to make every effort to increase supply and income for the company's annual goals.

"to optimize the existing assets, strive for the incremental assets, and accelerate the innovative development of renewable energy, is sep's appropriate initiative to return the trust and expectations of spic and vast numbers of shareholders with its new performance and new image," said wei juliang. he profoundly noted that to enhance the existing renewable energy assets is to focus on improving quality and efficiency, fight for every kilowatt-hour of electricity and never relax for a moment. renewable energy management center, as a newly established organization to adapt to the transformation and development of sep, should successfully accomplish its mission, speed up the integration of the resources of sep new energy and sep xinda, form the advantages of specialized, intensive and scale development, and contribute to sep's efforts to increase the proportion of clean energy and establish a new image in the capital market.

the atmosphere of the meeting was warm and animated, with golden ideas of improving quality and efficiency popping up from the minds of the participants now and then, e.g., conducting the diagnosis on the lower-ranking power plants with the external help, that renewable energy production management should be close to the front line, go deep to various power plants and consolidate the basic management, restoring 24-hour duty shift of renewable energy production and operation center, continuing to intensify technical reform work on the existing power plants with high tariff in a targeted manner, continuing to carry out labor contests on renewable energy power generation effectively to "bring in every single grain", speeding up the establishment and improvement of incentive mechanism including outsourcing teams, and accelerating the organization of special personnel to sort out the relevant agreements one by one, and claim the interests of the company according to the agreement.

the meeting went on until past 12:30 pm before drawing to a close. those present at the meeting felt they had not given full expression to their views, although they obtained a lot from the meeting, were full of confidence in winning the battle of quality and efficiency improvement of renewable energy power plants. the related leaders of sep strategy and management improvement department, planning and finance department, production department, engineering management department, renewable energy management center and energy technology services co. participated in the meeting.

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