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liu mingsheng inspects sep

on march 23, 2021, liu mingsheng, spic party leadership group member and vice president, and his delegation came to sep to inspect the company's international development work, and conducted a field visit to the hydrogen energy development of shanghai sunwise new energy systems co., ltd. (shanghai sunwise), of which sep was a shareholder. chen yan, director general of spic international business department, and hu jiandong, sep party secretary and chairman, joined in the inspection all through. lu anjian, deputy director general of spic international business department, and xia meixing, sep deputy president, participated in the international work research.

at sep headquarters, liu mingsheng heard the report on the company's international development planning in the 14th five-year plan period (2021-2025) and the progress of major overseas projects, and fully affirmed the company's good practice overseas and development ideas.

liu put forward a few points as follows: first, international development should adapt to the trend, and sep should actively implement the belt and road initiative, seize the opportunities brought by the reshaping of the global pattern, and accelerate the development in the mediterranean region and central and eastern europe; second, international development should perform well on the "new running track", and sep should further grasp the connotation that international development is a very important "new running track", hold on to the international development direction firmly, leverage its own advantages and strengthen international cooperation; third, international development should contend for the first place, and sep should play a good role as spic's main force of overseas development, and take the initiative to assist spic's internationalization index in achieving the goal of 2025 soon.

finally, liu gave instructions on the difficulties and problems that exist in the international development of the company.

hu said that sep will seriously implement the deployment and requirements of spic, change "project-oriented" to "strategy-oriented", take the initiative to adopt measures such as deepening development of key countries, strengthening partnership, improving incentive mechanism, optimizing control system and broadening financing channels, and strive to become the leader in the international development of spic.

at shanghai sunwise, liu and his delegation visited anting hydrogen refueling station, took a test ride in a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, and learned about the hydrogen dispenser, hydrogen cylinder valve for fuel cell vehicles and high-pressure hydrogen supply system for passenger cars and other related equipment. after hearing the report on the vehicle hydrogen storage system, hydrogen refueling station construction and operation business by the company leader, liu spoke highly of the work conducted by the company as a leading enterprise in the hydrogen energy industry. he hoped the company to better inspire the enthusiasm of r&d personnel and strive to become a model benchmark enterprise of mixed-ownership reform.

the relevant personnel of spic international business department and science, technology and innovation department, and leaders of related departments of sep and shanghai sunwise participated in the event.

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