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sep holds mobilization meeting for work safety in important periods

on april 9, 2021, sep held a mobilization meeting for work safety during important periods of time. the company's president and deputy party secretary wei juliang attended the meeting and made a speech. deputy presidents huang chen and zhai deshuang were also present.

at the meeting, safety, quality and environmental protection department of the company announced the arrangements of the company's safety production work during important periods of time and made detailed deployment in terms of guiding ideology, work objectives, organization, main tasks, work arrangements and work requirements.

wei juliang stressed that the meeting aimed to deeply implement spic's deployment and requirements for improving work safety during important periods of time, and to carry out the measures of "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict punishment" proposed by sep party committee throughout the process.

first, from the political perspective, the company should firmly grasp the profound connotation of the important periods of time for safety production. shanghai is one of the country's six key areas for guaranteeing power supply, and is the top priority of the work of ensuring electricity work safety. as an important enterprise of energy supply in shanghai and east china, sep must attach great importance to the vital significance of work safety during important periods, take more vigorous measures to grasp work safety with a high degree of responsibility to the party and the people, and resolutely undertake the political task of "promoting local development and ensuring local safety".

second, from the perspective of responsibility, the company should master the overall requirements for the important periods of safety production. as the "critical minority", leading cadres at all levels must take the lead in shouldering the safety responsibility, effectively strengthen the sense of crisis that "hidden dangers are everywhere and achievements return to zero every day", unify their thoughts and actions with the holistic view of national security, the deployment and requirements of spic and the current arrangement of work safety by sep party committee, take safety production as the top priority at present and in the next period of time, perform their duty seriously, take real actions and focus on details, so as to ensure that safety is under control. moreover, they must set a good example, put themselves into the work of "drawing inferences about other cases from one instance", profoundly learn from the lessons, search for the prominent problems existing in the current safety production work in an in-depth manner, look for the gaps and shortcomings in terms of implementation of the systems, execution of safety production responsibility system, safety risk control, hidden danger investigation and treatment, work of anti-violation of regulations and emergency response system construction, etc. with the sense of urgency of "treading on thin ice or standing upon the edge of an abyss", mobilize all employees and pool the wisdom and efforts of all parties, seek the problems deeply and attempt to find ways to crack them, effectively tighten the strings of work safety and make the related standards and measures more stringent, go all out to plug the loopholes for the problems and ensure safety and stability.

third, from the perspective of implementation, the company should make every effort to complete the safety production work during important periods of time. party cadres must highlight "seriousness" in the implementation process, and carry out the decisions, deployments, requirements and various safety regulations regarding work safety in place. besides, they should execute the work of "clarifying responsibilities at various levels", "various safety measures", "preventing and resolving safety risks" and "strengthening education and training" in place.

zhai deshuang pointed out that the work of safety production during important periods of time involves a wide range of issues, including stable operation of units, construction safety, network information security, anti-terrorism defense, etc. all the units must pay high attention to it, and ensure a hundred percent safety for the safety production work during important periods of time.

the leaders and related personnel of sep general office, production department, engineering management department, fuel management department and safety, quality and environmental protection department participated in the meeting at the main venue. the main leaders, persons in charge of work safety and heads of work safety department of various subsidiaries joined in the meeting at the branch venues via video link.

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