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wei juliang meets yitai group vice president zhang jingquan

on may 17, 2021, sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang met with zhang jingquan, vice president of inner mongolia yitai group co., ltd. (yitai group), and his delegation at the company headquarters. sep deputy president zhai deshuang was also present at the meeting.

wei juliang welcomed the visit of zhang jingquan and his delegation, introduced the overall operation and coal consumption of the company, and expressed thanks to yitai group for ensuring the fulfillment of long-term agreement with sep in the current situation of coal supply. he hoped that yitai group will continue to support sep's demand in coal quality and quantities, and that both sides could further strengthen cooperation in coal operation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

zhang jingquan introduced the current coal production capacity and sales situation of yitai group, as well as the pithead and port coal prices. he extended thanks to sep for its continuous support over the years, and said that yitai group is willing to maintain long-term and in-depth cooperation with sep and continue to provide high-quality coal for the company's coal-fired power projects.

the related personnel of sep fuel management department and sep fuel participated in the meeting.

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