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hu jiandong conducts 'four nos, two straights' inspection on minhang gas-fired power generation

on may 24, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong led a team to conduct a "four nos and two straights" inspection on the project under construction at minhang gas-fired power generation turbine, and gave feedback about the inspection situation on site. "four nos and two straights" refers to no notice, no call, no debriefing, no escort or reception, and going straight to the grassroots and straight to the site.

at the following symposium, hu heard a report on the progress of minhang gas-fired power generation project and the recent special inspection before receiving the auxiliary power.

hu gave recognition to the work of minhang gas-fired power generation, and stressed the necessity to raise the political stance, to always put work safety in the first place, and to realize the intrinsic safety of equipment through automatic preventive devices and other means while realizing the intrinsic safety of people through strengthening self-protection and management system construction.

regarding the next-step work, hu put forward a few requirements for the company as follows: first, understand the current serious safety situation clearly, and management personnel at all levels should keep a close eye on the site, pay close attention to on-site construction management, and deal with various safety hazards timely and effectively, so as to prevent accidents; second, adhere to implementing various measures of "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict punishment", maintain a tough position in work safety at all times, make good use of double prevention mechanism, and improve risk control; third, keep up with the practice of third-party professional safety supervision, and carry out safety management in a pragmatic and detailed manner; fourth, deepen the current infrastructure management system, perform its own duties well, and jointly raise the level of infrastructure safety management.

the related leaders of sep safety, quality and environmental protection department, engineering management department and minhang gas-fired power generation participated in the inspection.

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