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sep holds special rectification site meeting on work safety

june 2021 is the 20th national "work safety month". in order to carry out the activity in an in-depth manner, sep held a special rectification on-site meeting on work safety at tianji power plant on june 8. the company's president and deputy party secretary wei juliang attended the meeting and gave a lecture on safety, and party committee and deputy president zhai deshuang presided over the meeting. the meeting summarized the work conducted since the special rectification on work safety, analyzed in depth the existing prominent problems and weak links, and put forward specific requirements for the next phase of work.

wei juliang pointed out that the meeting aimed to organize various units to find out where they lagged behind their benchmarks, and learn from the good practices and experience, requiring all the participants to take back the insights and results obtained from the meeting, thoroughly search the gaps of their respective units in safety management, learn from others' strong points to make up for the shortcomings, make continuous improvement, and promote work safety to a new level.

at the meeting, wei gave a safety lecture titled "raise political stance, strengthen responsibility implementation, and lay a solid foundation for sustainable high-quality development", focusing on why, how to and from what aspects to improve safety, along with relevant requirements for the next-step work.

regarding the reason for improving safety, he said that to improve work safety is a necessary requirement and important guarantee for implementing xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, promoting the execution of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035", achieving the sustainable high-quality development of sep and building a world-class clean energy enterprise.

regarding how to improve safety, he stressed shouldering the political responsibility of safety production, practicing the ideological line of seeking truth from facts, developing a solid and excellent work style, and pooling the wisdom and strength of all the staff.

regarding the aspects of improving safety, he stressed the following points: first, carry out safety training and education covering the whole staff; second, focus on the system construction and responsibility implementation; third, enhance the construction of double-prevention mechanism; fourth, comprehensively strengthen the equalization management of contractors; fifth, highlight the construction of fundamental safety and strengthen the "terminal" management; sixth, improve the construction of technical and physical prevention; seventh, pay equal attention to strict punishment and positive incentive.

in order to effectively implement the recent instructions on production safety from the superior unit, wei put forward a few requirements as follows: first, go all out to ensure power supply safety during the important periods; second, promote the special action on work safety solidly; third, strengthen caring for the employees in a persistent manner.

work safety is a war which must be won, and there is no room for error, and thus we must assume this special responsibility and exert our utmost efforts. all the units must raise their political stance, conscientiously implement the safety requirements of "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict punishment", overcome various difficulties with firm confidence, assign appropriate responsibilities at all levels, and ensure that work safety is under control and controllable, wei said.

zhai deshuang delivered a concluding speech, which emphasized a few requests as follows: firstly, complete the task of ensuring power during important periods, and implement relevant measures from a political standpoint; secondly, deeply understand the difficulty and complexity of work safety management, and grasp every matter related to work safety with a persistent and unremitting style; thirdly, implement the meeting spirit, take work safety as the overriding task at present and in the future, and lay a solid foundation for it with concentrated efforts and vigorous execution; fourthly, all the units should combine with the actual situation of their own, figure out more ways and devote more efforts in the construction of teams, systems and mechanisms, and promote the long-term safety and security for production.

at the meeting, sep safety, quality and environmental protection department and production department, tianji power plant, sep energy technology, wujing power plant and waigaoqiao power plant made speeches on their work respectively. the meeting participants also watched a propaganda film titled "life is more important than mount tai - spic in action". before the meeting, they conducted a study tour of the production site of tianji power plant.

gao jianlin, chief safety officer and director of safety, quality and environmental protection department of the company, and the persons in charge of production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department and relevant affiliated companies participated in the meeting.

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