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spic yangtze river economic belt green hydrogen industry development seminar held in shanghai

from june 22 to 23, 2021, spic held a seminar on the development of green hydrogen industry in the yangtze river economic belt in shanghai. chen guanwen, director of spic green energy industry development and innovation coordination steering committee, fan jihong, chairman of spic central research institute, chen xin, member of spic expert committee, wang dongwei, director of spic expert committee office, and hu jiandong, head of workgroup for spic yangtze river basin hydrogen energy and clean energy comprehensive utilization promotion and sep chairman, attended the seminar, which was presided over by sep deputy president xia meixing.

deputy director general of spic strategy and planning department huang baode, spic jiangxi company president lv feng, spic jiangsu company president xing lianzhong, spic sichuan company zhou qingjia, spic chongqing company president long quan, spic hubei branch president zou zhenyu and sep deputy president li feng were also present.

well-known experts, professors and entrepreneurs in the domestic hydrogen energy sector were invited to give special reports on hydrogen production and extraction, hydrogen storage and transportation and hydrogen application respectively, along with interactions and exchanges with the participants. the experts introduced in detail the latest cutting-edge technology in the field of hydrogen energy and the development trend of the industry, shared the research results and application cases, offered valuable opinions and suggestions on how to promote the development of hydrogen energy in the yangtze river economic belt, and answered questions relating to the hot issues.

the workgroup for spic yangtze river basin hydrogen energy and clean energy comprehensive utilization promotion introduced the background, significance and main contents of the preparation of spic yangtze river ecological energy development outline, the leaders of relevant units introduced the basic situation, main practices and suggestions for the next step in promoting the ecological energy development along the yangtze river economic belt, and the expert committee provided guidance on hydrogen energy technology, hydrogen industry chain integration and hydrogen energy project implementation.

at the seminar, hu jiandong pointed out that the main purpose of the meeting was to study and understand the instructions of general secretary xi jinping on the ecological priority and green development of the yangtze river economic belt, to implement the requirements of spic for "building an ecological energy system with mutual promotion and integrated development of ecological protection and energy development" in the yangtze river basin, to discuss the technical route of coordinated development between hydrogen energy and renewable energy, and to advance the high-quality development of ecological energy in the yangtze river basin for spic.

hu required to supplement and improve the medium and long-term development outline of spic on ecological energy in the yangtze river economic belt according to the results of the seminar, and keep it updated continuously to adapt to the new situation and new requirements, regard the hydrogen energy and hydrogen industry at a higher level, promote the cross-border integration of green hydrogen with chemical engineering, metallurgy, transportation industries, etc., facilitate the combination of local consumption and cross-regional utilization of green hydrogen, boost the integration of green hydrogen industry chain, realize hydrogen utilization according to local conditions, strengthen communication and cooperation, and improve regional coordination with overall planning of advantageous resources, in order to form synergy and accelerate the implementation of related projects.

the related leaders of the following units participated in the seminar: spic strategy and planning department, development department and sci-tech and innovation department, spic central research institute, spic hydrogen energy company, spic integrated smart energy (snpdri), spic integrated smart energy industry innovation center, wuling power, spic jiangxi company, spic jiangsu company, spic sichuan company (southwest energy research institute), spic chongqing company, spic hubei branch, jiangxi nuclear power, sep strategy and management improvement department, development department, science, technology and innovation department and capital markets and investor relations department, renewable energy management center, new industries management center and minghua electric power.

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