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sep strives to ensure power supply for 100th anniversary of cpc

in order to implement the instructions and requirements of spic chairman qian zhimin on ensuring power supply and security in shanghai during important periods, as well as the spirit of the enlarged meeting of sep safety production committee and remobilization meeting to ensure the safety of electricity supply and security in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong, president and  deputy party secretary wei juliang, and deputy presidents zhai deshuang and li feng conducted a "four nos and two straights" inspection on caojing power plant, tianji power plant and wujing power plant, the key units undertaking the task of ensuring power supply during important periods, on june 30, 2021.

at caojing power plant, hu jiandong and his delegation headed straight to the production site and inspected the sludge disposal complex building and the site of induced draft fan and booster fan integrated transformation. hu stressed that the company should fully understand the importance of ensuring work safety during important periods from a political perspective, and called on leading cadres at all levels to effectively perform their duties and lead the staff to strictly implement various rules and regulations and ensure the completion of the power supply task. after hearing the work report on work safety, human resources allocation, production and operation, etc. delivered by caojing power plant and energy technology project department, hu pointed out that thermal power plants, as the symbol of modern industry, should comply with strict and lean guidelines in safety management in the face of new situation and new stage. leading cadres at all levels should be meticulous and conduct strict management in their work, dare to fight against inertial thinking and lack of vigilance, strive for perfection in safety and efficiency, attempt to solve new problems with a pragmatic attitude and innovative thinking, uphold the return-to-zero thinking, improve the intrinsic safety, continue to promote the high-quality development of caojing power plant and build it into a first-class benchmark power plant in china.

at wujing power plant, wei juliang, li feng and their delegation carried out a safety inspection on unit 11 switch room, and held talks and exchanges with the staff of the fuel department electrical shift team. after hearing the report on the transformation and development and precise loss management plan by the power plant, they put forward a few requirements as follows: first, take work safety as the most important political task at present, consolidate the foundation, build a firm line of defense, and ensure the completion of power supply and security task for 100th anniversary of the founding of the party; second, seriously implement the spirit of sep's special meeting on the precise loss management of wujing power plant, lose no time to optimize the transformation and development and precise loss management work plan with a historical perspective, strategic thinking and global view, and step up the development of newly-built green coal-fired power projects with similar capacity outside of shanghai; third, work out timely feedback on the major changes in the government policies and provide reference for the company's decision-making. at the electrical shift team of fuel department, wei expressed thanks to the cadres and staff of wujing power plant for their contributions to the reform, development and stability of the company over the years on behalf of the company's leadership team, noting that they should always maintain a positive spirit, forge ahead with firm confidence and heavy responsibilities, start a new undertaking and accomplish new glories, and that the enterprise development and the future of the staff will definitely become better and better. as the front line of work safety, the shift team should do its best to ensure safety production, especially in this critical period, conduct the related work solidly, meticulously and properly in accordance with the company's deployment and requirements for ensuring power supply and security, and ensure that work safety is under control. li feng pointed out that they should accelerate the preliminary work of transformation and development, grasp the changes of the external environment in a timely and comprehensive manner, combine with the actual situation of the enterprise, and carry out measures accurately. first, strengthen communication with government departments to grasp the government policies and government planning correctly; second, intensify exchanges with the neighboring enterprises to keep abreast of the information changes; third, seize the opportunity to conduct study and research on the old power plants in shanghai to learn from their good practice and experience; fourth, lose no time to communicate with the project partners so as to obtain support and create synergy.

at tianji power plant, zhai deshuang and his delegation went to the production site, checked the site of unit 1, relay protection shift team and coal handling yard, and learned about the working conditions of the front-line shift team in detail. he also put forward a few requirements as follows: first, implement the main responsibility of safety production management, always keep alert to work safety, seek shortcomings in an all-round manner and plug the safety loopholes effectively, strengthen the construction of hse system, and improve intrinsic safety; second, deal with the relationship between safety and development appropriately, and always put work safety in the first place; third, complete lean management, improve the reliability of safety production of the units, continue to produce talents and experience, and create greater value for the shareholders.

gao jianlin, chief safety officer and director of safety, quality and environmental protection department of the company, and the persons in charge of development department, production department and safety, quality and environmental protection department participated in the inspection.

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