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hu jiandong, wei juliang meet sepa secretary-general wang guping

on the morning of july 16, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong and president and deputy party secretary wei juliang met with wang guping, secretary-general of shanghai electric power trade association (sepa), deputy secretaries-general jiang xiaoyun and lu yujie, adviser liao xueqin, and director of membership department huang liping, at the company's headquarters.

hu expressed his gratitude to wang for leading the visit and listening to the voices of the members, and introduced the clean, low-carbon and green development of sep in recent years as well as the progress made in integrated smart energy, hydrogen energy and energy storage. he said that sepa is the home of sep, and the company will continue to share its production and operation information with sepa, strongly support the policy research of sepa, and assist sepa in better playing its role of "serving the government, serving the industry and serving the members". regarding the current operation difficulties confronting the coal-fired power enterprises, wei made a comprehensive analysis of the causes, and proposed relevant suggestions to sepa.

wang expressed thanks to sep for its long-term care and support for the development of sepa as the vice president unit, and introduced the recent key tasks, including the government research projects, high-skilled talent base construction, credit evaluation system construction, brand publicity position building and member unit services, and the plan for the next phase of work. he said that sepa will further play its role as a "microphone" of enterprises to the relevant government departments, actively serve as the government's adviser and assistant, and go all out to provide best services for its members.

the related leaders of general office of sepa and general office, human resources department, corporate culture department and news center of sep participated in the meeting.

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