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sep holds 15th epidemic prevention and work resumption leading group meeting

on july 28, 2021, sep held the 15th leading group meeting on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. hu jiandong, the company's party secretary, chairman and leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group, presided over the meeting. wei juliang, the company's deputy party secretary, president and deputy leader of the leading group, the company leadership and leading group members huang chen, xia meixing, zhai deshuang, chen wenhao and li feng, and chief director shen rulang attended the meeting.

the meeting participants heard the report on the epidemic prevention and control in the previous stage by various task forces, analyzed the situation of covid-19 epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad, and studied and deployed the related work in the next stage.

hu jiandong pointed out that the domestic covid-19 epidemic is still spreading, and the latest cluster of local covid-19 infections in nanjing, capital city of jiangsu province, has spread to guangdong, anhui, jiangsu, liaoning and sichuan provinces, etc. considering the greater contagiousness and higher immune escape of the delta variant, the epidemic control situation remains grim around the world.

hu stressed that all the affiliated units of the company should further improve epidemic prevention and control, carry out the normalization of epidemic control pragmatically and meticulously as always, and make every effort to protect the lives and health of employees.

regarding the next-step work, hu put forward a few requirements as follows: first, firmly establish the bottom-line thinking and the concept of "safety first and anti-epidemic first", and adhere to good personal protection; second, carry out risk identification and screening comprehensively, and implement the epidemic control measures overseas; thirdly, conduct the epidemic prevention safety and staff team stability work with overall planning, and arrange the rotation of overseas personnel orderly; fourth, call on all the staff to receive the doses of covid-19 vaccines as soon as possible except for those who are unable to receive the vaccination due to their physical conditions; fifth, strengthen internal and external coordination and linkage, provide caring for the staff timely and effectively, and help overseas employees address their worries at home.

gao jianlin, chief safety officer and director of safety, quality and environmental protection department of the company, and the relevant leaders of various departments participated in the meeting.

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