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hu jiandong inspects changxing island power plant, sep energy technology

from august 10-11, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong led a team to conduct a work research on changxing island power plant and sep energy technology. zeng xuefeng, executive deputy head of spic yangtze river basin hydrogen energy and clean energy comprehensive utilization promotion workgroup, participated in the research on changxing island power plant, while sep party committee member and deputy president zhai deshuang participated in the research on sep energy technology.

on the morning of august 10, hu and his delegation heard the work report on safety production, operation and development by changxing island power plant, and praised the power plant's achievements in expanding the heat supply market and green development by closely adhering to the development positioning of building changxing island into a marine equipment island, ecological island and tourism island. he also put forward a few requirements for the next stage as follows: first, continue to deepen the businesses based on changxing island, actively develop the new market for heat supply on the island, and seize the initiative to occupy the high-quality user resources; second, combine the demand of the energy sector on changxing island, do a good job of regional integrated energy development planning, focusing on the commercial sector, industrial park sector and manufacturing sector, with a layout of energy supply network; third, integrate clean energy development and ecological planning dynamically, improve the explorations and practice, build changxing island into a showcase for sep's clean energy, and enhance the brand of sep.

on the morning of the august 11, hu and his delegation went to sep energy technology, and learned in detail about the implementation of the company's corporate restructuring, precise loss management, etc. in the first half of the year, as well as the plan to promote the system and mechanism reform in the second half of the year, heard the report on the company's work safety, talent training and party building, and affirmed its achievements obtained. he also raised a few requirements as follows: first, find the appropriate strategic positioning and business directions, carry out various aspects of work combined with its own characteristics, and exert its advantages well after the reorganization; second, adhere to value creation, unify the thoughts, conduct accurate training, and improve the value creation ability of the whole staff; third, work with the attitude of learning, and the leadership team should be bold in management and business operation, and take the initiative to work; fourth, always pay special attention to work safety, and strictly execute the work safety responsibility of personnel at all levels; fifth, ensure integrity and self-discipline.

the relevant leaders of sep strategy and management improvement department, development department, human resources department and production department joined in the above research.

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