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wei juliang conducts 'four nos, two straights' inspection on changxing island power plant

on august 25, 2021, sep deputy party secretary and president wei juliang went to changxing island power plant to carry out a "four nos and two straights" inspection. "four nos and two straights" refers to no notice, no call, no debriefing, no escort or reception, and going straight to the grassroots and straight to the site.

wei juliang and his delegation went straight to the frontline production sites such as the electrical control room, steam turbine and boiler control room and coal unloading dock, checked the equipment operation and civilized production especially, and held cordial talks with the frontline workers.

subsequently, wei juliang held a symposium with the leadership team members and department heads of the power plant, and put forward a few requirements for the  safety production and development work in the next stage as follows: first, continue to improve work safety, implement the safety responsibilities of various positions at all levels well, ensure that the leading cadres are on duty and in place, conduct "upgraded" management of major risks, and realize safety and stability of the power plant in the transformation period; second, strictly enforce the related safety management regulations of the company, and the cadres at all levels should focus on the double prevention mechanism, contractor safety education and training, etc. based on their own positions, strengthen the "terminal" management of work safety, and enhance work safety management comprehensively; third, be based on the actual situation of operation and production of the power plant with down-to-earth attitude, complete the research of clean energy replacement scheme seriously, and verify the related boundary conditions carefully; fourth, further establish the concept of market development, set up a professional team to carry out market research rapidly, tap the development potential deeply, and continue to improve the work of creating value and striving for benefits; fifth, enhance the staff team stability and caring work, and do practical things and advance well-being for the masses truly and wholeheartedly.

the relevant persons in charge of sep safety, quality and environmental protection department and production department participated in the inspection.

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