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'let me give a lecture', part of value enhancement project, begins!

a special debut of "let me give a lecture", part of the value enhancement project, which lasted nearly two hours, filled the conference hall on the 35th floor of sep headquarters building with the vivid atmosphere of learning, research and innovation, benefited 100 participants on the scene greatly, and blazed a new trail of "working with the attitude of learning".

on the afternoon of september 17, 2021, the company unveiled its first special lecture of the series of "let me give a lecture", which closely focused on the "value enhancement project" closely, actively created a good atmosphere of "working with the attitude of learning", and effectively implemented the principle of "highlighting performance orientation and strengthening value concept and risk concept" into the specific management practice. shi peigang from sales and marketing department and zhang yu from development department gave lectures titled "what is electricity marketing" and "how to make breakthrough in county development" respectively, exchanged views and interacted with the audience on the scene, solved their doubts with full of practical knowledge, and achieved a good effect. the company's party secretary and chairman hu jiandong attended the event and gave  a speech. also present were deputy party secretary and president wei juliang and party committee member and discipline inspection committee secretary li e.

in his concluding remarks, hu said that the activity of "let me give a lecture" is a good start, which is very beneficial for the company to cultivate the culture of learning, research and innovation. he stressed that a learning, research and innovation-oriented organization cannot be separated from the in-depth thinking and study of each employee on their own work. every job has knowledge in it, and the key is how to think about, learn and make research on it. only by exploring its essence and discovering its laws can we understand how to create value and do our work better.

in the next step, the company headquarters will play an exemplary role, and encourage every employee to share and exchange the professional knowledge of their own position in straightforward and highly generalized language, so as to jointly create a culture and atmosphere of learning, research and innovation and promote value enhancement.

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