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wei juliang inspects caojing cogeneration, guides 'creating value, striving for efficiency'

on september 24, 2021, sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang and party committee member, deputy president and cfo chen wenhao went to caojing cogeneration to guide the work of "creating value and striving for efficiency".

wei juliang and his delegation heard a report on the implementation of the company's related measures for "creating value and striving for efficiency" as well as work safety and operation and development, and gave guidance on the specific work of increasing revenue and cutting down expenses.

wei juliang affirmed the achievements made by caojing cogeneration, and put forward a few requirements for the next-step work as follows: first, carry out safety improvement project solidly, control work safety strictly, refine related measures, and implement the "safety first" concept into various aspects of production and operation; second, further complete the work of "creating value and striving for efficiency" pragmatically and meticulously, quantify the action plan, take the initiative at work, leave no stone unturned to increase income and reduce expenditure, and make sure to complete the annual operation goals and tasks; third, coordinate and optimize the electricity and heating linkage work with caojing power plant, improve the quality of heat supply service continuously, and further consolidate the company's leading position in the heating market of shanghai chemical industry park (scip); fourth, further establish the market development thinking, fully tap the development potential of the enterprise, intensify new energy project development, improve precision incentive, and boost the sustainable development capacity of the enterprise in the energy market.

the related leaders of sep planning and finance department, production department and sales and marketing department and caojing cogeneration participated in the event.

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