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wei juliang chairs seminar on new energy stock assets quality and efficiency improvement

on november 2, 2021, sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang presided over a seminar on the quality and efficiency improvement management of the company's new energy inventory assets at renewable energy management center. the company's party committee member and deputy president zhai deshuang was also present.

wei juliang heard the report on quality and efficiency improvement, operation and maintenance management model and two types of core competitiveness by the company's production department, renewable energy management center and sep energy technology respectively, affirmed the quality and efficiency improvement work of new energy stock assets, and put forward a few requirements for the next stage of work as follows: first, pay close attention to work safety, resolutely implement various requirements for work safety by the local government and the company, and eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents; second, intensify the troubleshooting of hidden dangers of equipment, raise the profit of per kilowatt-hour of electricity comprehensively, take multiple measures to increase power generation, and achieve the goal of "fighting for every kilowatt-hour of electricity" really; third, actively explore and optimize the o&m mode of new energy projects, establish the mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of o&m, do a good job of precise incentive, leave no stone unturned to increase income and reduce expenditure, and ensure the completion of annual operation goals and tasks; fourth, continue to push forward management innovation, learn from outstanding management experience, think outside the box, break through the barriers, build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to become the leading enterprise in the new energy sector; fifth, attach great importance to the development of new energy, insist on benchmarking management, take operation efficiency as the guide, and carry out the whole-process control from the aspects of planning, design, construction, production, investment efficiency, etc.

centering around the work of new energy quality and efficiency improvement, zhai deshuang put forward the specific requirements of "one goal, two things and three guarantees". jiangsu new energy company shared their experience at the meeting.

the relevant leaders of sep production department and safety, quality and environmental protection department and related personnel from renewable energy management center and sep energy technology participated in the meeting.

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