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sep holds leading group meeting on power supply guarantee

on the afternoon of november 9, 2021, sep held a leading group meeting on the power supply guarantee, in order to study and implement the important remarks and important instructions of general secretary xi jinping on energy security and supply guarantee, carry out the requirements from the related energy supply guarantee meetings and documents of the party central committee, state council, shanghai municipal government and spic, analyze and judge the current situation in an in-depth manner, and conduct research and deployment on the energy supply guarantee work of the company in the coming winter-spring period. hu jiandong, party secretary, chairman and leader of power supply guarantee leading group of sep, presided over the meeting, and also present were wei juliang, deputy party secretary, president and executive deputy leader of the leading group, and zhai deshuang, party committee member, deputy president and deputy leader of the leading group.

regarding the next-step work, hu jiandong put forward a few requirements as follows: first, always take power supply guarantee as the primary task, resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the higher level, execute responsibilities at various levels, and go all out to ensure energy supply work; second, as regards the problems and difficulties encountered in the work of ensuring power supply, enhance communication with relevant government departments and spic, and make every effort to obtain the support of related resources; third, strengthen the unit operation management, take multiple measures to continuously enhance the equipment reliability management and strictly control non-planned outages of the unit; fourth, adhere to "safety first", deal with the relationship between supply guarantee and safety properly, treat safety as the prerequisite and assurance of energy supply, and various departments and affiliated units of the company should assume their respective responsibilities for work safety, stick to the red line and bottom line, and ensure that no safety accidents will occur.

wei juliang emphasized a few points as follows: first, take energy supply guarantee in the coming winter-spring period as the most important political task at present, and fully implement "one plan, four guarantees and one comprehensive", i.e., one plan for energy supply guarantee work in this winter and next spring, special measures to guarantee coal supply, equipment reliability, personal safety and heat supply reliability, and one special comprehensive emergency plan for energy supply; second, ensure safe and stable supply of thermal coal, resolutely hold the bottom line of inventory, improve the situation study and judgment, further optimize the coal procurement strategy, and balance the supply and demand relationship well; third, firmly ensure the reliability of equipment, strengthen the management of equipment reliability, continue to carry out troubleshooting of hidden dangers and elimination of defects, with reasonable arrangements for unit repair and maintenance, and ensure that the problems must be fixed.

at the meeting, six special workgroups of the company, including production group, fuel group, safety and environmental protection group, marketing and finance group, publicity and information group and supervision group, made special reports respectively.

the members of sep power supply guarantee leading group and the main leaders of various workgroups participated in the meeting.

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