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"i see it, i record it, and i tell it." from june 15-16, 2020, spic held the third online contest of "good stories of spic". today, liu zheng from sep wujing power plant will tell you his story.

hello, my name is liu zheng, and i am from sep wujing power plant.

in 2018, i came to suizhou, hubei province, to serve as the head of yongtuo energy pv power plant. the power plant is located in an bustling automobile industrial park, with people and vehicles coming and going every day. our power plant is not big, with five employees including me, two locals and three from other places. usually we can go back home to visit families once every two months. on the weekends when i don't go home, i would take my colleagues to travel around in suizhou, and would occasionally spend two hours driving to wuhan to visit the yangtze river bridge and eat a bowl of hot dry noodles, also known as "reganmian", a traditional wuhan dish. the days are humdrum but also interesting. as far as i am concerned, seeing the pv panels on the roof outside through the window of the duty room would put my heart at rest every day.

during the spring festivals of the past two years, i was on duty at the power plant, unable to go home for a reunion dinner. this year, i started early to book a train ticket home, and was lucky enough to get a ticket for the 2:00 pm departure on new year's eve. it takes six hours to take a high-speed train back to shanghai, which is enough for me to walk into the house before midnight and greet the lunar new year together with my family.

on january 23, i waited and waited, but my colleague did not return to change shift with me. instead, i got the news that a lockdown was enforced in wuhan to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic. that was followed by a phone call from a colleague telling me they could not come back because of wuhan's lockdown. i had no idea what to do at that moment, with several thoughts striking me at the same time. two colleagues cannot return to the power plant, but there must be someone at the post. now that i cannot go back home, how can i explain to the family? "it's okay. i'll stay at the power plant, and you can rest assured at home!" i told my colleague on the phone. after that, i called home. my wife was silent for a while, and then said helplessly, "that's ok anyway. if you had taken the train back, i would have worried about what could have happened to you on the way. well, take care of yourself over there, and don't forget to eat eight-treasure rice pudding tonight!" soon afterwards, she changed her mind and said, "forget it! you have no one there to make you eight-treasure rice pudding. just remember to eat dumplings!" i hung up the phone, and refunded the train ticket. reckoning that the remaining rice and flour at the power plant would not last half a month, i rushed out of the park to purchase supplies with my colleagues in suizhou. that day, we searched high and low, traveling 30 to 40 kilometers altogether, but only brought back 30 masks and a bag of chinese cabbage.

after only one day, even worse news came that suizhou was under lockdown from january 24. the industry park, which used to be full of traffic, became empty overnight, and we seemed to be trapped on an "isolated island".

on the third day after the lockdown, i saw the power plant's supplies getting fewer and fewer, was really worried, but as the head of the power plant, i should not collapse. having heard the news that virus can be killed in high temperature, we boiled a dozen bottles of boiling water every day, used the boiling water to clean the floor, wipe the tables and doorknobs, and thus saved a lot of alcohol; we also studied the 108 ways to cook chinese cabbage, e.g., steamed cabbage, sauteed cabbage with vinegar sauce, spicy fried cabbage ... we attempted to seek joy amid daily cooking.

on the fifth day after the lockdown, i received a phone call from the party secretary of the company. "old liu, are you okay now? how about the brothers at the power plant? we are working on ways to help you coordinate supplies. as to your family, don't worry about them. we will take good care of them for you!" suddenly, i felt an injection of energy in my heart. my old buddies and i, although not at one place, our minds are alike. we all want to protect the light coming through the windows of millions of households! i gazed at the roof outside the window, where there were a few glimmers of light.

it was the sixth day after the lockdown. suddenly, the gatekeeper of the industry park called, asking us to pick up the supplies at the gate. i rushed to the entrance of the park with great joy, but saw an unfamiliar face. the man noticed my hesitation and immediately introduced himself: "you are mr. liu, right? i am from spic hubei branch, and it's sep that asked us to send you a batch of emergency supplies first." looking at the masks, alcohol, vegetables, meat and rice brought for us, i thanked him again and again with excitement. just at that time, my wife also called, telling me that the company visited my home yesterday, sent a variety of protective materials, and also left a contact number so that my family could reach them at any time if they had difficulties. at that moment, i felt that our power plant was no longer an "isolated island", because we have spic and sep behind us!

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