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spic website: unit 1 boiler ceiling girder of hunutlu thermal power plant erected successfully in turkey

on july 22, 2020, good news came again from the construction site of 2脳660mw hunutlu thermal power plant developed by sep in turkey that the boiler ceiling girder of unit 1 was erected successfully, marking the smooth realization of another important milestone in the project construction and the basic completion of the main frame work of unit 1 boiler of hunutlu thermal power plant, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the subsequent construction.

the hoisting of unit 1 boiler ceiling girder is extremely difficult, with the elevation of the ceiling 87.8 meters high, the largest girder weighing 75 tons and 28.1 meters long. before the hoisting operation, the owner emba electricity production inc. (emba), sep's turkish subsidiary, held several discussions on the hoisting scheme together with the owner's engineer shandong chengxin engineering construction supervision co., the general contractor cpipec and the main subcontractor anhui no. 1 electric power construction co., ltd. to ensure the absolute safety of the hoisting, and finally determined to adopt the double crane lifting method with a 600-ton caterpillar crane and an 80-ton construction tower crane.

the completion of this important milestone as scheduled was a major breakthrough achieved by overcoming the difficulties such as the domestic technicians being unable to reach the project site, the continuous loss of localized staff and the mismatched types of workers, and by giving full play to the "three thousands" hardworking spirit as the covid-19 epidemic was still rampant in turkey. the successful erection of the unit 1 boiler ceiling girder boosted the morale of the on-site crew and encouraged all the participating units to continue to pool their efforts, overcome various difficulties and make new achievements in winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control and stabilization of work and production.

with the smooth opening of china-turkey commercial flights, the on-site project team is coordinating resources from various parties, conducting meticulous planning and organization, and actively implementing a large number of chinese employees to arrive at the project site in turkey by means of commercial flights or chartered flights, so as to reduce the impact of the covid-19 on the project construction, make every effort to complete the annual construction milestones set by spic and lay a sound foundation for the smooth operation of the units.

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