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spic website: sep xinyuan development completes concrete pouring for shanghai expo a09a-01 land plot project ahead of schedule

at 7 pm on july 31, 2020, with the last concrete floor pumped into the silo, sep xinyuan development co., ltd. (xinyuan development) successfully accomplished the "july 31" key milestone by finishing the pouring of 6,000 square meters of large base plates for the shanghai world expo a09a-01 land plot construction project, which was more than 20 days ahead of the original schedule. the project started officially in july 2019, fully utilized the bim technology, information monitoring technology, remote temperature control system, smart construction site monitoring system, optimized the construction technology scheme and construction flow lapping, and overcame the impact of unfavorable factors on the project progress, such as the covid-19 epidemic, rainy season and high temperature weather, fully ensured the safety of the base pit and south xizang road tunnel and the common pipe ditch, and thus completed the first major milestone for this year smoothly after 321 days of hard work.

in the face of the severe situation of the spread of covid-19, xinyuan development conducted a great deal of coordination and preparation work, overcame various difficulties, and took the lead in resuming production on march 16, 2020 among all the infrastructure units affiliated to sep, also among the first batch of projects located in the world expo zone to resume work and production. in the process of base pit construction and large base plate pouring, xinyuan development implemented meticulous planning and scientific construction, overcame difficulties of outward transport of earthwork, narrow site space, continuous rainstorm, large volume concrete construction, etc., refined the schedule to the hour, and advanced the project with high quality and efficiency, ensuring the construction safety while guarantee the construction quality and progress throughout the construction process.

under the strong leadership of sep, all cadres and staff of xinyuan development carried forward the "three thousands" hardworking spirit vigorously, stuck to the front line of construction, implemented 24-hour duty for the key milestones, fought at their posts with full enthusiasm, did their little bit to the building construction with their diligent work, and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent construction.

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