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spic news: accomplishing great task, winning big awards, who is li xiaofeng?

on september 29, 2020, shanghai held a municipal commendation conference on fighting against the covid-19 epidemic at the shanghai world expo exhibition and convention center, where li xiaofeng, an employee of sep, was awarded the honors of "advanced individual in fighting against covid-19" and "outstanding party member" of shanghai successively. for a while, li xiaofeng, who was in turkey right then, received numerous phone calls and wechat messages expressing congratulations or concern, or for telephone interviews. so, the question is: who is li xiaofeng?

his story started from the beginning of 2020, when the outbreak of the novel coronavirus occurred in china. as the deputy general manager of emba electricity production inc. (emba), sep's subsidiary in turkey, li xiaofeng, who was at the site of hunutlu thermal power plant project in turkey, responded quickly to the "change". he organized the staff to purchase 100,000 quality masks and ship them to china successfully within 56 hours, providing timely "ammunition" for sep, especially for those front-line employees remaining at their posts in hubei province, to win the battle against the epidemic.

having learned that he was awarded two honors at shanghai's commendation conference on fighting against covid-19, li xiaofeng said modestly, "i am just one of the many sepers who are fulfilling their missions overseas. the battle of overseas epidemic prevention and resumption of production cannot be separated from the efforts and sweat of everyone, not to mention the high attention and careful deployment of sep party committee."

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