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shanghai observer: underground energy storage system contributes to carbon emissions peak, carbon neutrality

shanghai will press ahead with efforts to launch an action plan to peak carbon emissions and strive to build an international carbon financial center.

recently, "peak carbon emissions" and "carbon neutrality" have become buzz words. at a press conference of shanghai municipal government held on january 14, cheng peng, director of shanghai municipal bureau of ecology and environment, said that shanghai will seize the opportunity to introduce an action plan on peak carbon emissions, clarify the objectives and technical routes to achieve carbon emissions peak, and refine the relevant measures in key industries and regions.

in order to achieve the goal of carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality, china will continue to improve the efficiency of energy use and accelerate the transformation of energy consumption patterns. at present, various provinces and municipalities across the country are formulating the corresponding 14th five-year plans on carbon emissions peak. in this regard, shanghai has already made some attempts and explorations. for example, through natural gas distributed energy, the city attempts to improve the efficiency of energy use, reduce the cost of urban operation and develop low-carbon economy.

what is natural gas distributed energy? according to wang guodi, general manager of sep green energy co., ltd., natural gas distributed energy refers to a modern energy supply method using natural gas as fuel, realizing the cascade utilization of energy through cchp and other means, and realizing energy supply in the vicinity of load centers, which is an advanced energy technology means with high efficiency, high reliability and low emission in today's world. the advantages of natural gas distributed energy supply are evident: saving energy by over 20%, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 40%, with comprehensive energy utilization rate over 80%; being able to reduce peak-to-valley differences of the power grid, with a peaking effect on the power grid; equipment arranged in the basement or on the roof, which is conducive to saving urban land resources; being able to coordinate the balanced supply of natural gas and electricity in summer, and thus optimize the operation of the energy system.

at present, natural gas distributed energy projects are underway in the new bund, world expo a-zone, xuhui riverside, etc. in shanghai. among them, expo a-zone project utilizes the space under the municipal road, set ups two energy stations under the ground of boqing road and bozhan road, with a construction area of about 19,500 square meters each. the two stations are connected by energy supply pipelines and serve as a backup for each other. once completed, the joint operation of the two stations will provide safe, reliable and high-quality heat and cold sources covering about 1.133 million square meters for all the public buildings east of yuntai road within a-zone around the clock. the storage tank of the expo project makes use of the raft foundation of the building, perfectly integrates with the building, and realizes the storage capacity of the system to regulate the peak loads.

wang guodi, who is also in charge of expo a-zone energy center project, said that during the construction process, expo a-zone energy center made full use of the underground space of the box-shaped structure naturally formed in the course of construction, and after a series of waterproofing and insulation treatment, a "labyrinth-style" energy storage system was established; each room in the "labyrinth" is about 60 square meters, with a height of less than 2 meters, and all these rooms can store a total of around 20,000 tons of water. with the planned comprehensive energy utilization efficiency of more than 80%, the project is now under commissioning with the coordination of customers, and strives to realize normal energy supply comprehensively in the second half of 2021. in the future, the "internet plus" technology will be adopted to send the signal of expo a-zone to new bund energy center remotely, in order to conduct "smart" centralized control in the new bund and thus realize "smart energy".

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