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spic website: sep japan igadani pv power project connected to grid with full capacity

at 6:20 am local time on march 12, 2021, the 1.5 mw igadani pv power project developed by sep japan in hyogo prefecture, was successfully connected to the grid with full capacity.

the project is the first one invested and constructed by sep japan in the sea of japan region. it started construction on october 1, 2020, introducing the advanced double-sided pv modules in china and the "flat single-axis plus fixed axis" hybrid installation scheme, which will generate at least 3% more on-grid power each year and play an exemplary role of technology for the fukushima phase i and phase ii pv power projects under construction in japan, with an aggregate installed capacity of 156.36 mw.

since the commencement, the project construction has experienced a series of external environmental challenges. at the end of 2020, covid-19 continued to spread in japan, with the daily number of new infections reaching new highs, and the japanese government announced another state of emergency; the region around the sea of japan suffered a 30-year blizzard, and the accumulated snow at the project construction site was more than 1.5 meters deep; on february 13, 2021,  a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck off honshu, japan ... in face of the severe situation, sep japan fulfilled its responsibility as a central soe, performed its duty at the local level, followed the strong guidance of spic, sep and chinese embassy in japan, actively implemented various epidemic prevention and control measures for the project, and timely activated the earthquake disaster contingency plan, so as to neglect neither epidemic prevention nor project development. especially when most of the projects in japan's kansai region were suspended due to the snowstorm or earthquake, sep japan overcame the difficulties of the machinery and materials entering the site, while the chinese staff stayed on site during the spring festival holiday, strengthened coordination with the epc contractor and kansai power grid, cleaned snow in a timely manner, optimized the construction and acceptance process, and ensured that all the key milestones of the project were completed as scheduled, and thus the project finally achieved grid connection with full capacity.

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