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spic website: sep's li xiaofeng ranks among 100 electricity craftsmen in china's power industry

recently, li xiaofeng, an employee of sep, was listed among 100 "electricity craftsmen" in china's electric power industry.

for more than 30 years, li xiaofeng has treated every project with the attitude of creating fine products. he was responsible for a number of major projects such as the transformation of sep wujing power plant and caojing power plant and the expansion of tianji power plant phase ii. he was awarded the "national may 1st labor medal" as well as the honorary titles including the advanced individual in fighting covid-19 in shanghai, outstanding cpc member of shanghai, model worker of spic, outstanding cpc member of spic and shanghai craftsman.

in 2017, li xiaofeng volunteered to work overseas to take charge of the development and construction of hunutlu thermal power project in turkey, and successfully applied the "integration of stack with cooling tower" secondary circulation optimization proposal, high-end environmental protection technology and ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generation technology, all of which are chinese technologies advanced in the world, to the project, making positive contribution to facilitating the completion of the first stack-free power plant in turkey.

after the covid-19 epidemic broke out in 2020, li, deeply aware of his responsibility, led the project team to urgently procure nearly 200,000 medical masks to support the motherland in the face of a shortage of medical supplies. following the covid-19 outbreak in turkey, he guided the party branch members to launch a campaign of epidemic prevention and control and stabilization of work and production, ensured sound mechanism, adequate measures and sufficient supplies through strict execution of "hierarchical classification network region off-peak" normalized epidemic control plan, and left no stone unturned to guarantee the health and safety of the staff and the orderly progress of the project construction.

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