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recently, sep, a subsidiary of spic, has been practicing the purpose of "people's electricity industry serves the people", taking the responsibility of ensuring power generation, thermal coal and people's livelihood, combining the "two major projects" of safety management improvement and value enhancement, overcoming various difficulties and making every effort to increase production and supply and ensure stable energy supply. by the end of october, 2021, the accumulated power generation of the company was 35.047 twh, up 23.40 percent year-on-year, and the heat supply was 13.47 million gj, up 14.76 percent year-on-year, of which the monthly power generation was 3.088 twh in october , up 62.98 percent year-on-year, and the monthly heat supply was 1.2653 million gj, up 0.89 percent year-on-year.

faced with the severe shortage of coal supply and coal prices hitting record highs frequently, the company insisted on the high target of purchasing 150% of the actual production demand to guarantee the coal procurement, collect resources by all means, lock the "provisions" in advance and ensure the coal supply. in addition, the company signed small long-term contracts with seven suppliers, which involved 1.815 million tons of imported coal, and locked in advance the imported coal resources from september to january next year, as well as the long-term contract of 2.5 million tons of imported coal for the whole year of 2022. at the meantime, the company went all out to seek policy support from the government. the main leaders of shanghai municipal government visited the related coal enterprises and coordinated with them in person, which helped implement 830,000 tons of coal resources and thus effectively made up for the shortage in the fourth quarter. thanks to the above efforts, the total coal inventory of sep's power plants in shanghai is available for 10 days now.

the company enhanced the sense of responsibility and urgency in guaranteeing the power supply, strengthened the management of power generation equipment, started and operated the units in strict accordance with the instructions from the power grid dispatching center, and ensured safe and reliable power generation of the units. at present, all the 20 thermal power units of sep are in operation or ready to start up, except for three units scheduled for maintenance. the company has been earnestly fulfilling its political responsibilities as a central soe through practical measures.

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