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message from chairman


shanghai electric power co., ltd. (sep) has developed as an innovative international modern energy enterprise with clean energy, new energy, energy technology r&d and modern electric power service all rolled into one.


with the strategic guidance of its parent company state power investment corporation limited (spic), sep focuses on harmonious coexistence between green energy and environment, common progress of energy technology and smart city, and shared interests between enterprise and users, with outstanding achievements acquired on the road of transformation from a conventional electric power enterprise to a new energy enterprise.


as the first chinese electric power enterprise, the company, founded in 1882, has established an ambitious goal of "building another sep by 2020", and is striving to be excellent in shanghai, superior in china and strong in the world with first-class business performance, management, talent, technology, corporate culture and reputation at a higher, broader and deeper level.


you reap what you sow and cooperation leads to opportunities. i do believe, with the powerful support from spic and our corporate spirit of "inheritance, innovation, excellence", sep will embrace infinite business opportunities which a wise man would like to see. let's seize and treasure the opportunity, and we will create a win-win future.


                                                                                                   chairman wang yundan