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spic board director jiang yi inspects sep

from october 15-16, 2018, spic deputy secretary of party leadership group and board director jiang yi inspected sep with a delegation. a number of spic and sep leaders, among whom were spic chief corporate culture officer and director general of party affairs department jing yucheng, deputy director general of human resources department ye yuanwei, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan, deputy party secretary and president wang huaiming, deputy party secretary and labor union chairman gu ai, deputy presidents guo baohong, huang chen and xia meixing, party committee member and cfo chen wenhao, and party committee member and discipline inspection committee secretary li e, participated in the inspection.


at sep headquarters, jiang yi pointed out that sep should fully leverage its own advantage, and strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in constructing a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness. he stressed that the company should stick to the party leadership, strengthen party building, implement party construction work requirements, study corporate governance mode, identify the authority-responsibility relationship of the governing subject, give full play to its party committee's role of "grasping the direction, controlling overall situation and ensuring the implementation", sort out the company's strategic target and development thought in line with spic's strategy and planning, conduct careful organization and active layout, push forward the implementation of spic's strategy with high quality, design the industrial development roadmap meticulously, realize industry specialization and refinement in line with high-quality development requirement, accomplish comprehensive reform pilot work outstandingly, and endeavor to make experiment and trial program in innovative development and value creation.



at sep green energy, jiang yi visited the exhibition hall, learned about the technical route, equipment allocation, economic benefit and business model of the project in detail, and praised the company for the achievements made in distributed energy supply.


at shanghai expo a-zone, jiang yi inquired about the project construction carefully, and noted that xinyuan development should execute various safety rules and regulations strictly, build excellent project with high quality, establish the corporate image with safety and quality, and complete the project construction successfully.


at yangshupu power plant and minghua electric power, jiang yi expressed that yangshupu power plant has rich historical and cultural heritage as well as glorious revolutionary tradition, and hoped the power plant to protect these resources during project development, complete the related inheritance work while conducting study and analysis on long-term and short-term benefit, in order to realize profit maximization.


at caojing cogeneration, jiang yi visited the production site, with a detailed understanding of the unit operation, smart heat supply network construction and staff management model. he called on the power plant to continue to assist spic in the development of gas turbine technology innovation, value creation, business model and customer service.



then jiang yin headed to caojing power plant, visited the dock, sea dyke, circular coal yard and coal pulverizer room successively, and learned about the coal unloading process, pv power project o&m situation and coal blending combustion on site. he required the power plant to maintain the spirit of pursuing excellence and build a benchmark enterprise with high-quality development.


the leaders of spic general office and human resources department as well as related sep departments and affiliated companies joined in the inspection.