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sep holds 2nd special shareholders' meeting of 2018

on december 10, sep held the second special shareholders' meeting of 2018 in shanghai successfully. chairman wang yundan presided over the meeting, and also present were supervisor, deputy party secretary and labor union chairman gu ai,deputy president and secretary of the board xia meixing and cfo chen wenhao.



at the meeting, wang yundan and the other senior executives listened to the opinions and suggestions of the shareholders who attended the meeting carefully, and answered a series of questions patiently and attentively, such as the development of overseas projects, strategic layout of renewable energy and market-oriented reform of electricity, which caused widespread concern from vast numbers of shareholders.


the company's shareholders, shareholder's representatives, leaders of related departments and the witnessing lawyer participated in the meeting. besides the on-site meeting, the company provided internet voting for the public shareholders via the trading system and online voting platform of shanghai stock exchange, which facilitated the exercise of the minority shareholders' rights.