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sep financial shared services center established

on december 28, 2018, sep held an unveiling ceremony for its financial shared services center. sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan, president and deputy party secretary wang huaiming, deputy party secretary and labor union chairman gu ai, deputy presidents guo baohong, huang chen and xia meixing, cfo chen wenhao and discipline inspection committee secretary li e attended the ceremony, presided over by cfo chen wenhao.


wang yundan congratulated on the founding of financial shared services center. he noted that the company's founding of financial shared services center is in line with the requirement for becoming the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class integrated energy group with global competitiveness, represents the specific implementation of spic's requirement for strengthening management innovation and improving intensive management capability, and also marks a practical measure of the company in financial management ability enhancement.



wang yundan put forward a few requests as follows: firstly, financial shared services center should continue to focus on system automation, process efficiency and service quality, and continue to seek room of improvement based on realizing sharing of multi-level resources, e.g. system, process, human resources, and gradually improve financial accounting efficiency and lower operation cost; secondly, after the successful launch and stable operation of phase-i shared center, the center should actively explore the sharing model for branches and subsidiaries outside shanghai, and attempt to maximize the efficiency and benefit of financial sharing; thirdly, as the first step of financial management transition, the center should expand the results of financial sharing on the basis of completing accounting resource sharing, further tap the potential of financial factors by way of management accounting, and continue to pursue management transformation while enhancing value creation ability.



the company's major leaders unveiled the nameplate of sep financial shared services center together, signifying substantial operation of the center.


the related leaders of sep general office, human resources department, finance department, science and information technology department and sep investment participated in the ceremony.