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sep convenes 1st enlarged party committee meeting in 2019

on january 9, 2019, sep party committee held the first enlarged meeting of the party committee in 2019 at waigaoqiao power plant, implemented the spirit of the central economic work conference in an in-depth manner, organized a study of spic's 4th enlarged party leadership group conference in 2018, centered on the overall strategy and strategic implementation system established by spic, and mulled over the measures for strategic execution as well as the working ideas and key tasks for 2019.



sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan presided over the meeting, and deputy party secretary and president wang huaiming conveyed the spirit of spic meeting. deputy party secretary and labor union chairman gu ai, party committee members and deputy presidents guo baohong, huang chen and xia meixing, party committee member and cfo chen wenhao and party committee member and discipline inspection committee secretary li e attended the meeting, and put forward the strategic implementation measures as well as opinions and suggestions on the key tasks in 2019 centering on the work areas of which they are in charge respectively.



wang yundan said that 2018 marks a truly extraordinary year in sep's business development when the company obtained hard-won achievements in the following aspects: first, the company pressed ahead, overcame various difficulties and exceeded all the tasks assigned by spic, with the operating performance hitting record high; second, the company carried forward the "three thousands" hardworking spirit, continued with self-improvement, and conducted work practically and creatively; third, various fields of work has made progress hand in hand, including the party construction, safety and environmental protection, quality management, innovative development, corporate reform and image publicity, which further expanded the influence of sep and enhanced the brand value.


as strategic implementation will be the key work of spic in future, the company should improve the construction and application of two major strategic execution systems including "strategy-program-plan" and jykj system designed for plan, budget, assessment and incentive, and strive to become spic's pioneer and pacesetter in implementing the overall strategy, wang said.


in order to complete the strategic implementation and the tasks for 2019, sep should adhere to the guidance of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the 19th cpc national congress, focus on spic's strategic execution resolutely, follow the requirement for high-quality development, appreciate the situation, adapt to the trend, realize value creation, uphold lawful, scientific and strict corporate governance, stick to "focusing on development, increasing profit, and promoting harmony", make every effort to carry out the closed-loop management system of "strategy-program-plan" and the jykj work execution system, conduct the comprehensive reform pilot program of "two-hundred action" creatively, place stability as the top priority, improve the core competitiveness of the company's development solidly, strive to complete annual goals and tasks as the pioneer and pacesetter of spic, work hard to realize the objective for the 13th five-year plan one year ahead of schedule, and greet the 70th anniversary of the founding of new china with outstanding performance, stressed wang.


wang also required the company to insist on the party construction, safety, quality and environmental protection, undertake spic's strategy for the new era in accordance with the closed-loop management requirement for "strategy-program-plan" system, strengthen closed-loop operation of jykj system, focus on the implementation of spic's strategy for the new era, adopt doam method comprehensively, seize the time to complete the formulation and decomposition of key tasks for 2019, make an overall planning for connotative operation of existing business and denotative development of incremental business, endeavor to accomplish annual operation goals, and sharpen the internal sustainable development ability of the company.



wang huaiming conveyed the spirit of spic's 4th enlarged party leadership group conference in 2018, calling on the meeting participants to study and understand the meeting seriously, find the correct position in the overall situation of spic's development strategy for the new era, tackle various difficulties, forge ahead unremittingly, and take the lead to carry out spic's strategy, in order to ensure the objective of striving to become spic's pioneer and pacesetter in building a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness.


at the meeting, various sep departments such as planning and development department, human resources department, finance department, capital markets and investor relations department, policy and legal affairs department, safety, quality and environmental protection department and corporate culture department delivered speeches on the subjects of implementing strategy, program and plan, jykj system construction, budget rigidity and value creation, capital operation, "two-hundred action" comprehensive reform pilot program, sustained qhse management integration building, and overall strengthening of party construction respectively. the meeting participants held discussions on the strategic implementation and the major work of 2019.


sep general counsel wu ming, deputy chief economists zhang jian and shi mingwei, deputy chief engineer dai sufeng, and major leaders of various departments and affiliated companies of sep joined in the meeting.