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wang huaiming visits caojing cogeneration for safety inspection

on march 4, 2019, sep president and deputy party secretary wang huaiming visited caojing cogeneration to conduct an inspection on safety duty execution. accompanied by the power plant party secretary and general manager wan wenwei, wang huaiming checked bop control room and heating network patrol shift team successively, and looked through the shift team management accounts carefully.



wang put forward a few requirements for the production, operation and develop of caojing cogeneration as follows:


firstly, insist on attaching greater importance to work safety than production and operation. leading cadres, especially leaders of departments and workshops should perform their safety duty properly, reach deeper to the grassroots and shift teams, point out problems and raise requests whether attending safety activities of shift teams or inspecting work, with specific, targeted and timely requests. besides, the power plant should improve fundamental management, strengthen basic safety work, enhance anti-violation of regulations, troubleshooting of hidden dangers and "two tickets and three rules", and reinforce technical, safety and emergency management. in addition, the power plant should consolidate contractor management, intensify supervision from the links of selection, access, employment and evaluation, and implement it in an exhaustive and thorough manner, with special attention to the production safety work during the annual npc and cppcc sessions.


secondly, make every endeavor to increase supply and stabilize profit, overcome various difficulties to change pressure into impetus, further enhance reliability guarantee, operation mode optimization, cost control and collaboration with heat supply of caojing power plant, ensure that the annual goals and tasks will be accomplished comprehensively, and complete ecological environmental protection according to the national requirements, control nox emission of flue gas, and solve the problem of excessive emission during the unit start-up.


thirdly, dare to shoulder responsibilities and create first-class power plant, accelerate the construction of smart heating network and smart power plant, provide more choices for customers, better facilitate the success of scip and all the customers, in order to further stabilize and expand the market. moreover, the power plant should reinforce integrated and collaborative innovation, deepen comprehensive utilization of exhaust heat and waste water, further enhance the energy efficiency index of the power plant, customers and scip, and strive to set a good example as a first-class gas-fired power plant and integrated smart energy enterprise.

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