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wang yundan, national energy administration deputy director inspect sep green energy

on march 21, 2019, zhao yinong, deputy director of electricity department of national energy administration, went to sep green energy to conduct a research together with a delegation. sep chairman wang yundan and deputy president xia meixing accompanied him on the inspection.



zhao and his delegation visited the exhibition hall of sep green energy, watched the advertising video on new bund natural gas distributed energy project, and inspected the central control room and the main operation equipment of the production workshop, with a detailed understanding of microgrid system, customized services for major customers and internet plus ai user services. he also held an in-depth exchange with wang yundan on building yangtze river delta integrated energy demonstration zone, developing microgrid and introducing new technology, and constructing dc distribution network.



zhao affirmed the achievements made by sep green energy, noting that new bund project has multiple highlights, which is in line with the high-quality development trend. regarding the next-step work, zhao required sep to summarize the experience of new bund project and form a model which could be reproduced and generalized.


the related leaders of energy division and price management division of shanghai municipal development and reform commission, development and planning department of state grid, sep general office, planning and development department, science and information technology department, sales and marketing department, engineering management department and sep green energy participated in the event.

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