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wang yundan inspects jiangjiasha offshore wind power project in jiangsu

from may 15-16, 2019, sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan and his delegation went to jiangjiasha h2# 300 mw offshore wind power project in jiangsu province to conduct a site survey on the project construction situation. sep deputy chief engineer and director of engineering management department dai sufeng participated in the survey.



wang and his delegation went by boat to the construction site of the offshore wind power project, listened to the report on the project construction in detail, and raised a few requirements as follows:


first, ensure that the project should be put into operation on schedule; second, guarantee the engineering progress, establish the scheduling meeting system, mobilize all the positive factors, and complete the task solidly according to the four major control objectives while formulating reasonable project schedule, establishing emergency mechanism and moving forward the risk control gateway; third, insist on high-quality development, and ensure the project quality; fourth, cultivate talents through this project, set up a professional management team, make contributions to the long-term safety and stability of the project, and build the project into a model project for sep's offshore wind power sector.




the relevant leaders of sep general office, planning and development department, finance department and sep new energy joined in the event.