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wang yundan inspects xinyuan development

on june 22, 2019, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan and his delegation inspected shanghai shangdian xinyuan enterprise development co., ltd. (xinyuan development).



at the site office area, wang listened to the report made by the company leader, and affirmed the company's results made in various fields of work in the first half of 2019. he also put forward a few requirements for the project construction as follows: first, build up a strong organizational system, be forward-looking at work, and ensure proper duty execution; second, establish early warning mechanism and emergency plan, and make sure the realization of the goal of "four major controls" in the project construction; third, improve comprehensive coordination ability, take precautions beforehand, rise to the challenge, and guarantee the bottom line of the construction progress; fourth, construct the project with high standards, dare to raise requests in terms of innovative technology application, and ensure the building construction with high-quality, low-carbon, green and intelligent features; fifth, insist on the design style of the original scheme while learning from the advantages of the architectural style at home and abroad, and make sure that the project has good value for money; sixth, comply with the requirement for an excellent project regarded as a fundamental task crucial for generations to come, take a long-term viewpoint, and pay special attention to details, and make utmost attempt to reduce possible regret for the project.


sep deputy president xia meixing, deputy chief engineer and director of engineering management department dai sufeng, and persons in charge of general office, planning and development department and science and information technology department participated in the inspection.

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