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qian zhimin visits malta, boosts sino-maltese clean energy cooperation

from october 23-25, 2019, spic chairman and secretary of party leadership group qian zhimin paid a visit to malta at the invitation of maltese prime minister joseph muscat, and both sides held in-depth exchanges on promoting the comprehensive clean energy cooperation between china and malta.



qian introduced spic's general situation to muscat, focusing on the company's strategic goal and specific measures of building a world-class clean energy enterprise actively, as well as the vision and planning on deepening all-round clean energy cooperation with malta. he said that spic will continue to leverage the industrial advantages and advanced technologies in pv, wind power, hydrogen energy, integrated smart energy and other clean energy sectors based on the existing cooperation between the two sides, lose no time to accelerate the construction of gozo island into the first "zero carbon island" in eu, carry out joint research and commercial application on hydrogen energy and related technology actively, and fully assist the maltese government in realizing the strategic objective of zero carbon economic development. meanwhile, the 46 mw mozura wind power project jointly developed by spic and enemalta in montenegro will hold the completion ceremony on november 18, 2019, which indicated the first attempt of the two sides in the third-party market cooperation, expanding a new cooperation model and accumulating new successful experience. spic will continue to push forward new achievements made by chinese and maltese energy enterprises in the third-party market cooperation in the mediterranean countries under the guidance of maltese government, and make new contributions to the green development of eu countries and mediterranean region.



muscat sang high praise for spic's positive results made in clean energy business in malta, and fully affirmed the important contribution to the maltese economic and social development made by the related cooperation. he stated that the pragmatic cooperation results of spic have won great popular support among the maltese government and people, and that maltese government will support spic in deepening clean energy business development in malta as before, encourage the energy enterprises of both sides to expand cooperation scope, and reinforce cooperation in the new sectors of clean energy such as zero carbon economy and advanced technological application of hydrogen energy. in the meantime, he encouraged both sided to seriously summarize the successful experience in the third-party market cooperation in montenegro, form a business model which could be reproduced and generalized, provide green, safe and reliable electricity for the related mediterranean countries, and bring benefits to the local residents.



during his stay in malta, qian paid a special visit to chinese embassy in malta, held a meeting with joe mizzi, minister for energy and water management of malta, and inspected sepm and d3 power plant.



spic chief international business officer and director general of international business department liu zhan, and sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan participated in the above events.

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