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wang yundan meets tesla vice president

on the afternoon of january 21, 2020, sep chairman wang yundan met with robin ren, vice-president of tesla motors inc and president of its asia-pacific region, and his delegation at the company's headquarters. sep deputy president xia meixing was also present at the meeting.
wang expressed welcome to the visit of ren and his delegation, introduced the reform and development of spic and sep in recent years, focusing on the strategic positioning of spic as an "advanced technology developer, clean energy supplier and energy ecosystem integrator" as well as sep's efforts made in the development of renewable energy industries such as pv power and wind power, and hoped to join hands with tesla, in order to conduct all-round cooperation and build a group of major renewable energy demonstration projects together.
ren appreciated the warm reception of wang, and introduced the general situation of tesla. he said that tesla is not only an automobile supplier, but also a renewable energy manufacturer, storager and user which possesses new products such as high-efficiency energy storage battery and household pv tiles. he also hoped to actively involve in china's transformation from traditional energy system to clean energy system.
at the meeting, both parties wished sep and tesla to complement each other's advantages and develop in-depth cooperation in multiple fields.
the related leaders of sep planning and development department and sep green energy participated in the meeting.

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