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wang huaiming inspects epidemic prevention

on february 4, 2020, wang huaiming, sep president and deputy leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group, conducted an inspection on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures at the company headquarters, sep new energy and skill training center.

in the headquarters building of the company, wang huaiming checked the working situation of the logistics support unit on duty and the implementation of the prevention and control measures in the building, and inquired in detail about the epidemic prevention and control work of the makeshift staff dormitory of yangshupu power plant. he stressed that the leaders of various subsidiaries should take the lead to be on duty, and logistics support units and departments should earnestly shoulder the main responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic in the headquarters building and makeshift staff dormitory, so as to perform their duty for the country. the external units in the building shall be subject to unified standards, deployment and management, and shall strictly implement shanghai municipal government's regulations and requirements on epidemic prevention and control as well as various measures for personnel and vehicle access and public space disinfection, and strengthen the inspection and supervision on the building's prevention and control work, to ensure the safety of the headquarters building. the management of makeshift staff dormitory should be further enhanced. all the staff returning from key areas should be sent to the government-designated centralized isolation observation places, while the staff returning from other places to shanghai should be sent to skill training center for centralized quarantine observation. the disinfection in the public space of the makeshift dormitory should be intensified.

at the emergency command center of sep new energy, wang huaiming held a videoconference together with the leaders of pv power plants in macheng, wudanghu, dangyan, jingmen and xiaogan, hubei province and related heads of sep engineering, dangyan pv power plant maintenance unit and sep new energy. wang huaiming expressed heartfelt thanks and warm greetings to the personnel sticking to their posts in hubei-based pv power plants on behalf of sep party committee, listened to the report made by each power plant on the epidemic prevention and control, life guarantee and work safety, learned about the difficulties and problems of each plant one by one, heard the situation  of sep new energy, sep engineering, etc. caring and supporting various power plants, especially the working measures and latest progress of hubei-based power plants, and discussed methods and measures to help them solve the difficulties and problems.

wang huaiming said that sep new energy, sep engineering and various power plants should make epidemic prevention and control a top priority at present since the current situation is still serious. every power plant should strictly abide by the relevant regulations and requirements of the local government for epidemic prevention and control, and complete the safety protection of individuals and plants. in the case that operation and maintenance personnel cannot be replaced temporarily, persons in charge of the power plants should scientifically arrange the schedule of work and rest, ensure adequate sleep time for the staff, and improve their immunity.

second, sep new energy, sep engineering and various project companies and power plants should guarantee the supply of living materials and epidemic prevention goods through multiple channels. all should actively seek support from the government departments, associate companies of spic, local grid companies as well as project partners. as for the living materials and epidemic prevention materials that could still be delivered by express,  seize the opportunity to purchase and ensure delivery the same day.

third, sep new energy and sep engineering should immediately formulate a  power plant operation and maintenance personnel replacement plan in the special period, replace the existing personnel the first time that the plant area is open to traffic, withdraw these workers sticking to the front-line positions timely and let them take a rest.
fourth, continue to improve work safety, under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention, deal with the faults and defects that affect the production safety as far as possible on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control. for those unable to be dealt with temporarily, conduct  evaluation and judgment, and withdraw those which endanger personal and equipment safety from existing operation timely.

during the inspection on the company's videoconference system, wang checked the on-duty situation of the heads of each affiliated company one by one through the videoconference system, and listened to the report on epidemic prevention and safety production by each unit. wang asked the department in charge of the videoconference system to improve the stability of the system as soon as possible to ensure that it is available and runs reliably at any time. wang stressed that all units and departments should further improve the political position, effectively take the prevention and control of the epidemic as the top priority at present, strictly implement the prevention and control measures and work deployment of sep, keep guard on their own units, carry out closed management of production sites, manage their own employees well, strictly implement the isolation observation of people returning to shanghai in accordance with the regulations, and conduct disinfection of public places according to the operation rules. besides, he required all to ensure production safety and stability, strengthen the arrangement of personnel on duty, respond to emergencies in a timely manner, guarantee the safe and stable operation of the units, and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic and social development and stability. in addition, actively make planning for the resumption of work after the holiday as well as key tasks and measures to accomplish the annual goals and tasks under the new circumstances.

at skill training center, wang inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures and the situation of centralized isolation observation in the staff dormitory. he praised the work done by the center, expressed thanks to those participate in the centralized isolation observation work, repeatedly exhorted the main leaders of the center to execute the isolation observation work practically and meticulously, pay attention to the self-protection work of the staff, and take good care of the employees under isolation observation.

the leaders of sep general office, human resources department, production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department and related affiliated companies participated in the inspection.

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