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sep holds videoconference on 2020 kpis communication with jiangsu company, zhejiang branch

on the morning of february 14, 2020, sep held an annual performance indicators communication meeting with spic jiangsu company and zhejiang branch via video at the headquarters. the meeting was presided over by sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan, and party committee member and cfo chen wenhao attended the meeting.

at the meeting, wang yundan introduced the decomposition principle of the assets management indicators assigned by spic this year to jiangsu company and zhejiang branch. the three companies fully communicated on the tasks and indicators to be undertaken in 2020 and reached consensus.

wang yundan raised a few requirements as follows: first, based on the asset management indicators assigned to sep by spic in 2020, in combination with the implementation of the power list of spic and the governance requirements of listed companies, establish indicators and conduct evaluation starting from the perspective of encouraging the enthusiasm; second, the three companies should share resources and complement each other's advantages according to the property right management relationship of the listed company as well as  the articles of association and best practices; third, aim to become bigger, stronger and better, achieve dynamic balance in the annual implementation process based on the assessment tasks of spic, and place incremental investment more inclined to projects with good returns, creating large incremental value and receiving spic's major attention; fourth, the three companies should comply with the regional management requirements of spic, complete management connection, achieve information delayering, seize the opportunities, and brace for the challenges.

jiangsu company and zhejiang branch said that they will shoulder the responsibility, spare no effort and work together to overcome all difficulties, and strive to complete spic's annual tasks and indicators with high quality.

jiangsu company party secretary and chairman wei juliang, zhejiang branch president and deputy party secretary liu xingyi, deputy president and party committee member huang chuanan, and heads of relevant departments of the three companies participated in the meeting.

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