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wang yundan inspects minghua electric power, boosts organizational adjustment

on april 21, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan led a team to minghua electric power to discuss with the company leadership on pushing forward the organizational structure adjustment with collective wisdom and efforts. sep party committee member and deputy president xia meixing was also present.


at the meeting, the participants listened to the report on implementing the spirit of meeting held on april 10 by minghua electric power, focused on the key problems needed to be addressed for the organizational structure adjustment with the senior executives of minghua electric power, and conducted in-depth exchanges of ideas and attempted to build consensus around the enterprise transformation and development direction, new business development, construction of supporting system and mechanism, etc.



wang yundan said that sep will go all out to support the transformation, development and reform of minghua electric power. he pointed out that minghua electric power should seize the opportunity based on fully leveraging the traditional advantages, take the initiative to deal with internal and external situation changes, coordinate the connection between traditional and new businesses and inter-departmental collaboration, insist on exploring the vitality of reform, seek to make steady progress, speed up to establish new system and supporting mechanism that meet the needs of strategic new business, fully stimulate the endogenous power and innovation ability of sci-tech enterprise, enhance the incentive for scientific and technical staff and market response ability construction of the enterprise with the orientation of value creation, continuously improve the brand and competition ability of the enterprise, and promote its transformation and upgrading.


relevant leaders of sep human resources department, science and information technology department, and policy and legal affairs department participated in the meeting.

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