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wang yundan inspects waigaoqiao power plant for epidemic prevention, work safety

on april 28, 2020, ahead of the annual may 1st international labor day, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan went to waigaoqiao power plant to conduct an inspection on epidemic prevention and work safety duty performance, and visited the staff on site. he expressed thanks to the staff sticking to their production posts, and extended holiday greetings to everyone.

at the meeting room, wang yundan listened to a special report on epidemic control, resumption of work, production and operation, work safety and party construction by the power plant general manager shen haihua, and fully affirmed the achievements made by the power plant in safe production and operation in q1. regarding the next-step work, he stressed a few requirements as follows: first, attach great importance to epidemic prevention and control, and combine it with normal business development; stick to the front line and launch an active fight of epidemic prevention and control; establish a long-term system and strive to win a protracted war against the  covid-19 without letup; improve the emergency response plan, and accomplish normal management on epidemic control in a real sense. second, continue to work hard on work safety and guard the bottom line of safety; carry out qhse management improvement in an in-depth manner, and start from the basis to enhance the quality of defect elimination; adhere to the fundamental safety throughout the work process, play the role of safety supervision, strengthen the safety duty performance ability of personnel at all levels, intensify classified management of contractors, and improve the "penetration power". third, combine "one plant, one policy", find the correct positioning, base on the actual situation of the enterprise, enhance preliminary planning, seize the opportunity, and adapt to the new situation. fourth, make full use of "double benchmarking, double incentives", and attempt to find problems and solve them in time, and offer timely incentives; regarding the four indicators of "power generation utilization hours, unit price of electricity sales, unit price of incoming standard coal and kilowatt-hour electricity cost",  devote more time and energy in face of challenge, and endeavor to conquer ourselves as well as our peers. fifth, step up efforts to expand the market, give full play to our own advantages, combine the "one plant, one policy" and "three new" requirements to implement the operation goals, integrate the actual conditions of enterprise reform and development, work safety and operation management, appreciate the situation, grasp the opportunities, constantly expand the external market, and carry forward the spirit of "i bite the mountain green and won't let go", so as to really rejuvenate the old power plant. sixth, implement caring for the staff, intensify caring efforts for overseas employees and their families, strengthen training, employment and exercise for young cadres, and ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise.

subsequently, wang yundan went the production sites, visited central control room of unit 1, shift teams of sep operation and sep engineering at the power plant as well as sep waigaoqiao heating development co., ltd., and inquired about the implementation of epidemic prevention measures in detail.

the relevant leaders of the following units participated in the inspection, including sep general office, planning and development department, human resources department, finance department, science and information technology department, production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department and corporate culture department, sep waigaoqiao power plant, sep engineering, sep operation, and sep waigaoqiao heating development co., ltd.

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