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yang ya unveils spic imported coal centralized purchasing center

on the afternoon of may 13, 2020, the opening ceremony of spic imported coal centralized purchasing center was held at sep headquarters. spic party leadership group member, vice president and chief financial officer yang ya, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan jointly unveiled spic imported coal centralized purchasing center. the unveiling ceremony was presided over by wu wei, director of spic fuel management center.

at the ceremony, yang ya pointed out that sep should give full play to the intensive, large-scale procurement advantages of imported coal centralized purchasing center under the guidance of spic fuel management center, coordinate well with various related companies within spic regarding the imported coal purchase demand, guarantee both quantity and price, ensure the successful completion of the annual goals and tasks, strive to achieve the profitability targets, and make contributions to spic's objective of "ensuring the second place in five power generation groups regarding profitability while striving for the first place".

afterwards, yang ya and his delegation conducted an inspection on sep. after listening to the report at a symposium, he highly affirmed the fuel management work of sep and the operation performance from january to april, and commended the operation and development achievements of sep. regarding the next step, he put forward a few requirements as follows: first, attach great importance to the strategic development of the yangtze river delta region, give full play to the listed company as a platform, cooperate with spic jiangsu company to seize the opportunity, and accelerate the development of four business lines of binhai coal-fired power, coal storage and coal blending, offshore wind power and integrated smart energy. second, accurately grasp the essence of jykj and sdsj systems, speed up the reform of the internal incentive mechanism of enterprises, strive for more incentives, and promote the enhancement of both comprehensive performance indicators and individual indicators. third, vigorously support the high-quality and sustainable development of sep, and shore up the continuous optimization measures of equity and debt structure of sep. fourth, accelerate the development of the new industry of integrated smart energy, focus on grabbing market share, innovate business models, establish flexible incentive mechanisms, build a professional team, secure high-end and high-quality customers, expand and strengthen the integrated smart industry, and enhance the brand image of spic.

the related leaders of spic fuel management center, sep and spic jiangsu company attended the opening ceremony and the symposium.

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