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wang yundan, wei juliang inspect caojing cogeneration, caojing power plant

on may 20, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan, and the company's main leader wei juliang led a team to caojing cogeneration and caojing power plant to conduct a survey on work safety and party construction.

at caojing cogeneration, wang yundan and wei juliang listened to the work report on work safety, epidemic prevention and control, operation and development, party construction, etc. by caojing cogeneration, sep engineering and sep operation, gave them credit for the related work and provided guidance.

wang yundan put forward a few requirements as follows: first, unswervingly implement "zero casualty" requirement regarding work safety, and achieve essential safety while ensuring security and stability during the npc and cppcc sessions. second, in the process of normalizing epidemic prevention and control and ensuring the completion of annual operation and development goals, party branches and party members should continue to play their exemplary role. third, in the aspect of system and mechanism reform, continue to optimize the account manager system, strengthen the marketing work, and establish the brand of spic and sep. fourth, improve party building and discipline inspection work with high quality, and enhance caring for employees.

wei juliang raised a few requirements as follows: first, caojing cogeneration should actively respond to the impact of the adjustment of natural gas and electricity prices, and try every means to achieve win-win with upstream and downstream enterprises. second, caojing cogeneration should coordinate with caojing power plant in heating and power supply linkage so as to maximize the benefits of sep. third, caojing cogeneration should continue to expand its service scope, explore potential customers deeply, improve user stickiness, and consolidate the company's influence in shanghai chemical industry park; sep engineering should expand its business scope, explore and study relevant reform plans, and make every effort to turn losses into profits; sep operation should broaden business outside sep and further increase the proportion of business outside sep. fourth, continue to intensify work safety, make good use of various safety management tools, and implement the requirements of work safety. fifth, establish and improve a positive incentive mechanism for production and operation development in accordance with the requirement of "double benchmarking and double incentives".

at caojing power plant, wang yundan and wei juliang listened to the work report on work safety, epidemic prevention and control, operation and development, digital construction, igcc project and party construction by the power plant, spoke highly of the relevant work and offered guidance to them.

wang yundan pointed out that the power plant should further deepen the sludge disposal work, accelerate the integration into the urban life form, steadily promote the eia on phase ii sludge disposal project, and increase publicity. second, push forward digital twin project with high quality, tap into the unit performance space through the big data accumulation and intelligence application, strengthen management and produce benefits by relying on science and technology and digital power, and keep on improving the unit operation. third, based on the principle of maximizing the profit attributable to the parent company, further deepen the win-win situation of joint heating mode of caojing power plant and caojing cogeneration, continuously improve the unit economy and track the customer demand.

wei juliang also put forward a few requirements as follows: first, attach great importance to work safety, re-sort and re-check all kinds of work safety documents issued by the superior units and relevant departments, implement the requirements of work safety and sep's action plan of "zero death" comprehensively, and ensure that no major equipment damage or personal injury accident occurs. improve the political awareness, conduct the requirements for ensuring electricity supply during the "two sessions" effectively, and guarantee safety and stability during the "two sessions". second, accelerate the enterprise development, be prepared for danger in times of peace, actively adapt to the changes of national and local energy policies in shanghai, promote igcc project and caojing phase ii project with high quality, and positively get involved in the sector of integrated smart energy relying on the influence of caojing power plant on the surrounding areas. third, reinforce production and management, and grasp both ends while controlling the middle. at both ends, strictly control the imported coal into the plant, and increase the electricity marketing efforts. in the middle, make every effort to optimize the economic indicators through refinement, strengthen communication with caojing cogeneration, optimize the joint heating mode, improve the economic benefits of sep together, and improve the technological reserve for in-depth peaking operation and frequency adjustment so as to ensure the company's leading position in the local area. fourth, carry out the party construction and discipline inspection work strictly.

afterwards, wei juliang and his delegation went to the dock, mobile pv, circular coal yard, central control room and 1c06 maintenance site successively to conduct a safety inspection.

the leaders of the following units joined in the event, including sep general office, planning and development department, human resources department, finance department, science and information technology department, production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, corporate culture department, caojing cogeneration, caojing power plant, sep operation and sep engineering.

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