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wang yundan inspects sep new energy on management improvement

on april 2, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan and his delegation went to sep new energy to conduct a survey on management. sep party committee member and deputy president guo baohong, party committee member and cfo chen wenhao participated in the survey.

having listened to the report by sep new energy, wang yundan noted that the management improvement adopted by the company at the present stage is in line with the current trend and thus deserves recognition. he also raised a few requirements as follows: first, regarding the management method, the company should make the best of the working concept of "double benchmarking and double incentive", and attempt to find out the problem and solve it with timely incentive; second, regarding the management tool, the company should utilize the kpis properly by breaking down the related indicators layer by layer, and carry out the jykj system and doam method in place; third, regarding the management focus, the company should improve the talent cultivation, which will finally enable the enterprise to realize the efficiency increase; fourth, regarding the management thought, the company should have the innovation consciousness, keep pace with "management innovation", "simulating innovation" and "technological innovation" in a timely manner, and dare to try; fifth, regarding the management atmosphere, the company should create a good atmosphere of "daring to shoulder responsibilities, being brave to make innovations and being good at accomplishing work".

sep new energy leadership team expressed that they will go all out in 2020, stimulate the vitality of existing resources, increase the management efficiency and cultivate the talent team through management improvement, in order to make due contribution to sep in striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise.

sep deputy chief engineer dai sufeng, and related leaders of planning and development department, human resources department, finance department, policy and legal affairs department and production department joined in the event.

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