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wang huaiming inspects caojing power plant for safety supervision

on april 23, 2020, sep president wang huaiming went to caojing power plant to conduct a safety inspection, focusing on the field examination on the normalization of production safety, epidemic prevention and control and spring safety inspection.

wang huaiming and his delegation went to the fuel dock and guard duty post of the power plant successively to learn about the implementation of the measures of epidemic prevention and control at the dock, and went to the desulfurization absorption tower and the pulverizer area to check the 1c06 class maintenance status.

at the meeting room, wang huaiming listened to the work report on production and operation, work safety, epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production and spring safety inspection delivered by the power plant gm li feng, and fully affirmed the achievements made by the power plant. he pointed out that caojing power plant actively implemented the relevant requirements of the superior units, with the leaders taking the lead in the duty shift, and carried out the epidemic prevention measures effectively, so as to achieve the goal of "zero infection" in epidemic prevention and control; the power plant made solid progress in key tasks such as sludge disposal, and ensured stable and orderly operation in work safety.

regarding the next-stage work, wang huaiming asked the power plant to continue to promote the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control, work safety and operation development as follows: first, carry out the normalization work of epidemic prevention and control practically and meticulously. continue to strictly implement the epidemic prevention measures, focusing on "prevention against rebound internally and against imported cases externally", with good control over the access and people; strengthen the protection measures for wharf personnel, and avoid close contact with foreign seamen; carry out targeted screening for personnel from key areas to ensure precise prevention and control. second, promote the normalization of work safety solidly. adhere to the high-quality targets of "zero casualties" and "zero outage", strictly ensure the work safety performance and make sure that duties are performed at every level; continue to reinforce the fundamental work of safe production; consolidate the system, strengthen the construction of work safety system, such as qhse system implementation, hse system construction and 200,000 man-hour incident rate, to eliminate the phenomenon of "two skins"; enhance the management of contractors, and strictly control the access selection and performance process; make specific preparations for typhoon and flood prevention. third, complete the annual business development goals and tasks. complete various classes of unit maintenance work with high standards and strict requirements, and be braced for the summer peak period; actively participate in market transactions and compete for power generation; carry out the work of "double benchmarking and double incentives" proactively, focus on the benchmarking of key indicators such as the number of utilization hours, unit price of electricity sold, unit price of standard coal imported into the plant and cost of electricity per kilowatt hour, emancipate the mind and strive to establish a world-class energy efficiency performance indicator; further understand, strive for and implement the policy, reduce costs in all respects, ensure to complete and strive to exceed the annual targets and goals. fourth, continue to boost corporate transformation and upgrading. accelerate the optimization of the mode and mechanism of coordinated heating with caojing cogeneration to improve the heating capacity and efficiency; further optimize the method arrangement and process control of sludge blending combustion, eliminate the following difficulties and problems in a timely manner, speed up the implementation of phase ii sludge disposal project, improve the sludge consumption capacity, efficiency and benefits; keep a close eye on secco phase iv project, optimize the energy supply plan timely, improve the communication and reporting to government departments and customers, and attempt to win support from customers.

the related leaders of sep production department and safety, quality and environmental protection department as well as caojing power plant participated in the inspection.

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