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sep holds exchange meeting to boost coordinated development of integrated smart energy

in order to further implement spic's major measures for vigorously developing integrated smart energy, sep, spic jiangsu company and zhejiang branch gathered at sep headquarters on june 22 to communicate face to face on integrated smart energy, discuss the project development plan jointly and strive to accelerate in the yangtze river delta region.

sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan, president and deputy party secretary wei juliang, deputy presidents guo baohong and xia meixing, cfo chen wenhao, jiangsu company president and deputy party secretary xing lianzhong, cfo wang sandu, chief economist yin fei, zhejiang branch president and deputy party secretary liu xingyi and deputy president deng sen attended the meeting.

at the exchange meeting held at sep headquarters, the participants listened to the report on the development situation of integrated smart energy projects by jiangsu company and zhejiang branch, held in-depth communication and discussion, and shared experience from each other. meanwhile, the meeting  reviewed the management measures for integrated smart energy committee, constructed a coordinated development model featured with "main leaders of sep, jiangsu company and zhejiang branch as well as five professional workgroups", and established an operation mechanism integrating overall resource planning, information sharing, technology economics evaluation and performance appraisal through consultation, in order to brace for the future development of integrated smart energy, strive to select good projects and ensure rapid implementation of good projects.

at the site of sep new bund project, wang yundan took the project as an example to give an illustration and share relevant experience in depth and in a simple way from the aspects of system analysis, customer demand, system design, business model and value creation. those present expressed that they learned a lot and will speed up the application to the practical project development.

sep deputy chief engineer dai sufeng, jiangsu company deputy chief economist chen li, and leaders of relevant departments and units from the above three companies participated in the meeting.

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